Do you really want to speak in English?

Then you are at a right place.

I know how you are feeling – Frustrated; Guilty; Angry.


. . . because you are stuck up at the same point in your career & life. No progress. Slow progress
. . . because you have the knowledge, but you can’t show it. others can & they get promoted.
. . . because deep down you want to achieve more success, more income & good life. But you don’t know when it will happen.


. . . because you can’t speak in English with others.
. . . because you feel inferior when you try speaking.
. . . because you are afraid of what others will think


. . . because you’ve invested thousands of rupees in English speaking classes. No result. No Speaking.
. . . because you’ve every book published on English Speaking. still you’re struggling to speak confidently.
. . . because you are NOT getting good life for yourself & your Family. They depend on you. But you’re not getting THAT increment.. THAT Job. THAT Promotion.
I know this. Because once I was in your place.
There was a time, when i could not speak English. I brought books. No use. I joined speaking classes. No use. It seemed that this is what I’ll be doing my whole life. I felt that I will NEVER have confidence to speak & talk with others in English.
My Friends – who were good at English – got very good jobs. getting 15,000 to 20,000 in salary per month. And I was having this job – Rs 3,800 per month.

Frustration. Anger. Guilt. Very high.

This led me to really find solution to my problem. This search went on for many years & then i found the Secrets of Confident English Speaking! I was very very happy to learn these secrets. First I used them in my own life. My life changed.
My earnings went to 25,000 to 30,000 per month in about 18 months. People, companies started calling me for giving seminars, teaching managers & staff people. And they were paying me 2,000 – 3,000 Rupees for 2-3 hours.

Imagine –
One & half years back my monthly income was Rs 3,800.
After 18 months, I was getting 2000 rupees for 3 hours work!

*This was 12-13 years ago

Fast forward to today.
My life today is VERY different. Just see in this box my various businesses.
Few are planned to start in future.
I have created 50 + Seminars & Programs & All those are in English. I can speak for 6-8 hrs continuously in English with people who are MUCH MORE Qualified than me. People pay me Rs 4000-5000 per hour Just to listen me. I have had clients from US & Australia – paying me Rs 30,000 to Rs 45,000 per month!
1) For Doctors –
2) For Builders –
3) For SEO –
I have created 50 + Seminars & Programs & All those are in English. I can speak for 6-8 hrs continuously in English with people who are MUCH MORE Qualified than me. People pay me Rs 4000-5000 per hour Just to listen me. I have had clients from US & Australia – paying me Rs 30,000 to Rs 45,000 per month!

All this happened because I learned Confident English Speaking Secrets.

& Used those in my own life.

Then, things got better.
My friends & others people started asking me about these speaking secrets. I started teaching it. Soon I found that I was spending 4-6 hrs EVERYDAY in teaching only. So I developed a Home study course….

Confident English Speaking Course

We started advertising in Newspapers & created website. This was an opportunity for all. People, from all over Maharashtra started ordering this course & improve their English.
Till date, more than 3300 people has benefited from this course. Their life has totally changed.

  • They started Earning more
  • They got promotions on job
  • They improved their businesses
  • They started their own companies

All in all… everybody got, what they always wanted!
Now, they are not frustrated, angry or guilty. On The Contrary they are happy, excited & wealthy! Again, all this happened because they invested in this course & used the English Speaking Secrets.

You can do the same.

In less than 99 Days You can start speaking in English. Guaranteed.

Now it’s your turn. If you really want to speak Confidently in English. with anybody, anywhere & for any duration … then get this course today.
I’ll tell you what You’ll get when you order this course today…

  1. Component A – 3 Printed Manuals
  2. Component B – 8 Audio CD
  3. Component C – 2 Workbooks
  4. Component D – English Speaking Cards.

Printed Manuals

Manual 1 – Fundamental Concepts
All the things you need to speak English confidently are given in this concise 123? pages manual.
Once you understand these core concepts, you’ll start speaking English very effectively.

Manual 2 – Exercise manual

95 carefully chosen Exercise. Do these & nothing else. These are designed in such a way that you can practice alone. You will NOT need anybody.

Transcript of all Audio Programs

Some people like reading rather than Listening. So for you, these are audio transcripts of all 8hrs of audio CDs.


Manual 3 – Phrases & Word Manual

1800 + words & 280 + phrases are given in this. These are the most commonly used words in English Speaking.

Manual 4 – Exercise Workbook.

This workbook is included specially so that you can do the exercise easily. Also you can track your progress with this.

Component 2 – Audio Courses on CDs

CD 1 – Fundamental concepts

My Story

CD 2 – Fundamental concepts – 2

4 Steps
Important Things – Part 1.

CD 3 – Fundamental Part 3

Important Things – part 2
Thinking in English

CD 4 – Grammar – Part 1

Auxiliary Verbs

CD 5 – Grammar – Part 2

Simple Tense
Continuous Tense

CD 6 – Grammar – Part 3

Have – Has – Had
Big Sentences
Auxiliary Questions
Wh – Questions
Perfect Tense
Speaking Practice

CD 7 – Vocabulary – Part 1

Phrases & word list – 1

CD 8 – Vocabulary – Part 2

Phrases & word list 2

Component 3 – Speaking Cards = 3 Sets

These cards are very small & very useful. You can carry them in your pocket. Whenever you have to speak in English & face any problem then take out the proper card. Your problem will be solved.
You get all these in Your Confident English Speaking Course.
Remember – This is practical Knowledge. Not Theory. So you get only that what you needs.

F.A.Q. Frequently asked Questions.


Question 1. Can I really Learn without going to class?

Ans. Yes. more than 3300 people used these techniques. And started speaking in English at their home. without any class.
So why can’t you?

Question 2. What if I need any guidance? or need help?

Ans. You can call me or email me. If you really need my help,I’ll give special time & number. You’ll get special email address where you can send your Questions I’ll personally answer those.

Question 3. What if I can’t speak with your course, then?

Ans. First, it will not happen that you’re not able to speak in English. In rare case if it happens Then there is NO RISK for you. Use this course for FULL 365 Days 1 year. Even then if you feel it’s of no use, then return it to me. I’ll return all your money. That’s my 100% Money Back Guarantee.
This is the ONLY course in the world with 1 Year’s Money Back Guarantee. Think about it.

Question 4. I can’t understand by reading or writing. I’ve purchased all the speaking books in past. But of no use. what about me?

Answer – This is NOT Book. It’s NOT class. This is a complete home study course. Audio CDs are to be used as Lectures. Manuals are to be read. Workbooks are for practice.

And it’s designed in such a way that EVERY person can use it.

Question 5. What about Vocabulary ? Words? Even in school, I found it difficult to Learn words. What now?

Answer – Don’t mug up the words. Understand them. Learn them. Use them. Internalize them. This is more important. Do you know that. there are 5-6 ways to learn words?
I’ll show & teach those all to you in our course. These ways are fun, exciting & does not require hard work! Many users of the course Learn words when they are traveling to & from work. you’ll get 1897 words in audio & printed format. These are most commonly used words.

Question 6. & Grammar ? What about it? My Grammar is very poor. “ I don’t like grammar. I don’t understand grammar. I cannot use grammar.” Still this course will help me?

Answer. Yes. & very strong YES.
You see – grammar is VERY essential for English Speaking. But you don’t need Ph.D. in grammar to use it. There are only handful concepts in grammar – which you must understand. I’ve explained these Core grammar Concepts in very easy way.
Another BIG issue is – we need to work MORE on Your Marathi Grammar Then English grammar. Surprised? You’ll see once you start going through the course.

Question 7. In How much time I will start speaking?

Simple answer – Depends on you.
Detailed answer – Depends on how much time & efforts you put into the course. Maximum people improved their English Speaking dramatically in 99 Days. Others took around 6 Months.
If you are passionate, you’ll start speaking in 99 Days or Less. But let’s say if it takes 6 Months. Then what?
That will be still good. Because already you’ve gone years without speaking. So 6 months is NOT big deal.

Question 8. Still more Questions?

If you still have questions that are not answered above then it’s best to email me or call me & ask your question. You can directly call me on my cell phone – 9822545922.

Now, You may be thinking “what is the price of the course?” How much do I need to pay Before telling you about price, Let me show you few things.

Price of the course is Rs 3,970.

Get this course for just Rs 41/Day.

So whatever you’ll pay for this course is going to be very less compared to any class. I’m assuming that you’ll start speaking English in 99 Days. The investment/ Price of the course is Rs 3,970. So you’ll be paying Rs41/Day.
Normally, what do you get in 41 Rupees? Here, I’m giving you life changing tool that will guaranteed help you in achieving more success, more income & more happiness. All this in Rs 41/Day or Rs 3,970 in Total.
In this 3,970 you’ll get –
Component A – 3 Printed Manuals
Component B – 8 Audio CD
Component C – 2 Workbooks
Component D – English Speaking Cards.

There is NO RISK for You. You can order this course by any one of these 3 ways –

  1. Cheque on Delivery
  2. NEFT Online Transfer
  3. Manual Deposit
How do You want to pay for Your Course?
Choose Your method & call me on 9822545922 or email me.

My dream is to HELP maximum people to speak English.
Very soon I want to see that YOU are confidently Speaking in English.
YOU are confidently giving presentations in English.

Would You Like to see Yourself doing that?

If yes, then order this course TODAY!
Yours Sincerely,
Rajesh Gurule
M – 98225 45922