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" Start speaking in Confident English (on your mobile or PC) without going to any class in just 100 Days

with this 100% Guaranteed

Marathi to English Speaking

eLearning (online) Course"

Yes. You can start speaking in English in just 100 days.

But first you must understand why you cannot speak in English even after studying it for 5 or 10 years?

You are not to blame here. It’s the wrong methods of teaching that has affected your ability of speaking in English.

Some 20 - 22 years ago, I was in your place. I could read English. I could write English… but I could not speak in English. I spent countless days & weeks in pain because of this.

Nothing helped me.

But when I started applying the habit changing methods given in this English Speaking Home Study Course, I started speaking within few days with anybody on any topic & in any situation.

It was simply amazing.

My whole life changed because of this one thing. Otherwise I would be working at some job paying me 40,000-50,000 per month.

So about 15 years ago, I started coaching some M.B.A students, engineers & others these principles and methods. And to their surprise, most of them started speaking in English within few weeks.

After 2 years of personally coaching hundreds of people in English speaking skills, I developed this eLearning course. It is totally based on same principles that I have used in those classes. And all of them, not only did learn speaking but also enjoyed the learning, too.

The basic principle of this course is habit forming.

Any one can learn to speak effectively by constantly using the principle & methods I’ve given. It’s like I am personally there with you, coaching you, guiding you every step.

I would be there with you. Explaining the concept as many times as it takes for you to understand.

If you continue to face same problems over and over again, each time I would tell you how to solve it.

I would be mentor beside you- a mentor who would not laugh at you, but who would - on the

contrary, support and help you.

Small Proof

This is me - conducting various training programs for Doctors, Business Heads, Sales & Marketing Executives

It's just a small proof that I have changed my life once I mastered Confident English Speaking.

You can check my other websites & for more details.

My life changed

I hope now you know that I am real. Let's move to English Speaking.

So why Confident English Speaking Course?

This is practical course. My students were not school or college students. They were working in companies, in offices, in banks. So they have little time for theoretical English. They wanted to get results fast, very fast. That's why this course can teach you to English speaking in just 100 Days.

Speak With Anybody With Confidence

This course will give you great confidence that you can speak with ANYBODY, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE in English.

Increase Your Job & Career Opportunities

Once you start speaking confidently, your job &career opportunities improves either way via new or via promotions.

Better Understanding Of Others

Your ability to speak in English helps you understand others in a much better way & much faster.

Become a Better Learner

This course include various exercises for speaking practice. it helps you in becoming better.

Business Communication

During your travel & business meetings you start dealing confidently with all your colleagues bosses & clients.

Only 45 Minutes every day

Everyday if you can invest 27 to 45 minutes, then that is more than sufficient. You will soon start speaking confidently.

The Course Content

Let me tell you about the content of the course & various modules in it.

Core Area 1: Fundamentals of Speaking

Here, you'll learn all the fundamentals of confident English Speaking. Once you master the fundamentals, you will be on your way to great success with English speaking.

Core Area 2: Essential Grammar

In this module, I’ll teach you ONLY essential grammar for speaking in English.Once you master this part, you will be confidently speaking in English with ANYBODY, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Core Area 3: Secret techniques

In this module, you’ll learn these secrets which are being used by good communicators and speakers all over world. And these secret are in existence since last 107 years.

Core Area 4: Daily vocabulary

In this module, you will improve your vocabulary. It’s been said that to really understand any language, you must understand phrases.Here, you'll learn all the fundamentals of confident English Speaking. Once you master the fundamentals, you will be on your way to great success with English speaking.

6 Modules in the eLearning course


These Grammar Videos will strengthen your grammar & prepares the base for English Speaking. We have explained only that grammar which is required to speak in English.

If you hate grammar then you'll really love these videos.


These videos are the core content of mastering the confidence needed to speak in English with anyone, anywhere. These will show you how to use the knowledge of English that you already have with you since so many years.


The PDF ebooks & guides will help you understand & revise the concepts at a deeper level. Also these serves as a handy reference when you want to revisit something for a quick solution.


These Grammar Videos will strengthen your grammar & prepares the base for English Speaking. We have explained only that grammar which is required to speak in English.

If you hate grammar then you'll really love these videos.


A completely new way to improve your vocabulary & word power. With Vocabulary Builder Audios, you will improve your word power in no time.


These videos will help you keep

motivated during the tough phases.

These are specially curated videos that shows how to keep our problems in proper perspective.

You get all these 47 benefits from the course

It makes English speaking very convenient to you
The Modules are always with you-whenever you need them
Secondly, you can learn at your own speed - this can not happen in coaching classes
You’ll be incharge of what to learn & when to learn
You are in control - always
You can decide the time, speed & place & topic that you want to learn from the course
You don’t have to worry about the criticism form others
You learn by following 4 simple steps to speak in English
Every time you want to speak, you will know what to do & where to start
This gives you tremendous confidence
In class you hear your teacher & learn from him. With this course, you get same type of experience with the Audio Modules
You can study the course on your computer or even in your mobile
You hear everything I want to teach you about the various concepts
You get many tools
You get actual, proven & powerful 6 ways to improve your confidence
Everybody ONLY tells you - “ Improve your confidence level”, but nobody tells you HOW? In this course I am giving you 6 ways to actually improve it
You can speak English just like your boss or your convent-educated friend
Also, you get 6 proven ways to improve your confidence
One activity you do everyday - but in a wrong way
You can sit or lie on your bed or sofa & still work on your English
A revolutionary concept - thinking in English
The one thing that helps you instantly in English Speaking
If you master only 3 Grammar concepts, then you are done
Forget your worries of Grammar
Your risk is zero
You will not be cheated with this course
You know exactly what to do
You have everything needed in printed form. These PDF modules contains all the important things
Nobody other than yourself will know that you have joined any speaking class
You’ll learn faster with these modules
The 4 steps gives you what to do in sequence- you just have to follow these 4 steps
ONLY 4 steps for you to master- not very complex
This gives you tremendous confidence
You don’t like to work very hard? Good, because I have shown some very simple & lazy ways to speak English. You’ll love these secrets
You can listen, read, watch or learn any topic again & again - till you understand it completely
You learn - an innovative but absolutely FREE way to improve your English
You know exactly what to do for improving confidence
Just imagine how you will feel with the increased confidence
If you understand & use the tremendous power in thinking in English concept, then you can immediately start speaking English
Confidence is the most important thing you need to speak in English
Very easy method to improve English
One activity for which you don’t need any paper, any pen or any other person
The most powerful concept in learning English Speaking
The only 3 Things you require of Grammar
One fast food technique - just like fast food, it helps you instantly for English Speaking
You get 1 FULL year’s guarantee
You don’t need to understand Grammar in depth
It becomes very easy with these concepts

Don’t wait! Look at what past students

have to say about this course

Engineers. Doctors. Business Executives. Company Owners. Managers, Software Professionals. Sales & Marketing Executives. MBAs.

All have benefited from this unique speaking course.

Check out what students say

“. . . It helped me in really knowing what was the problem & why I couldn’t speak English.”

“Hello Rajesh Sir, I am an Engineer. I was facing so many problems in communicating in English with others.I tried few English Speaking Courses but nothing helped me much. But when I got your course & studied it, it was really amazing.I find the concepts explained in a very easy to understand way. It helped me in really knowing what was the problem & why I couldn’t speak English.But now I feel very confident while speaking English – with everyone. Thanks to you.”

An Engineer

“I think every student can easily understand, what you teach.”“I think every student can easily understand, what you teach.”The method of English speaking course is very well. I think every student can easily understand, what you teach. I think all things are effective.

MPSC Student

“. . . It is exactly opposite of what I learned in school or in other classes.”Thank You Sir, I actually purchased the course for my sister. She lives in other city.After few days she started telling me how good this course is & how it is beneficial for her. Actually I gave it to her so that she could talk with her children & their teachers in English. So when she told me so many things about this course, I borrow it from her for myself. And I found that it is really a great course.It is exactly opposite of what I learned in school or in other classes. But I think that is the reason your methods are so powerful.Great work.

Bank Executive

Course Fees

Confident Speaking

Rs 3,990

Confident Speaking eLearning Course
Lifetime Access
Immediate Start
Access to All 7 Modules
Interactive Modules
Video Modules
PDF Ebooks
Exercises to Practice
Vocabulary Builders
Spoken English Practice Modules

“Our 365 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

You use this course for full 365 days i.e. for full 1 year. If at the end of the year, you feel that – It has not helped you OR for ANY other reason You are not satisfied with my course, then simply tell me.

I shall refund your entire amount immediately.

So if you’re not happy with what you discover from “1st Home Study English Speaking Course” I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money.

Not only that, but… the all the bonus gifts are yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me! And You can keep ALL the bonuses for giving this a try.


Rajesh Gurule - Creator

A few words about me - Rajesh Gurule

My name is Rajesh Gurule & just like you I am from Marathi medium. I am Mechanical Engineer. & I completed my studies from Janata Vidyalaya, Satpur, Nasik.

I learned English Speaking myself from these methods & taught them to hundreds of students in last 7 years.

I learnt the process in 1992-93 when I was doing my Engineering. But it took me almost 9 years to refine & make this system foolproof. So that I

am able to teach English Speaking to anyone without – going to classes; without needing anyone to practice with; in your home or office.

I boiled down the process to 4 easy steps. Just master these steps & immediately you can start speaking in English.

If you don’t have time to go to class, then too you must be able to learn English Speaking.

If you don’t want to attend the class, you can speak in English using the methods in this English Speaking Course.

Just like you, I am also from Marathi English Medium. And I have faced so many problems because I was unable to speak in English confidently.

This course is designed by keeping all those practical issues in mind.

If you want more info about me, pl visit my other business sites at