Dialogue you use while speaking in English In Clothing Store Part 1

We buy our clothes from the clothing store.

I always buy ready-made suits.

You can buy them cheaper.

Perhaps you are right, but I never liked a ready-made suit.

I always have a suit made to order.

You pay a little more for suits made to order, but they fit you better, and last longer.

They are made carefully and the lining is better.

I had a suit made to order three years ago, and I have it yet.

No ready-made suits for me.

I like a suit made to order myself, but I can’t spare the money row.

I think I shall buy a ready-made suit.

Where do you buy your clothes?

I buy them from the Department Store.

It is a reliable place, and they treat you well.

If there is something the matter with your clothes, you can take them back and have them changed or altered.

Do you know anybody in the Department Store?

Yes, I know the clerk in the Clothing Department.

Let us go up together and buy a suit.

Let us go.

I want to buy a suit of clothes.

What kind of suit do you wish to have? Light, dark, a summer or a winter suit?

I want a blue suit for the summer.

I don’t want it very heavy.

We have quite a variety of blue suits here.

Let me show you some of them.

Here is a suit that is very popular this season.

I don’t like the color of it.

I like a very dark blue suit.

Here is a darker color.

Try it on, and let us see how it fits you.

The cloth is too thick.

I want it a little lighter.

How much do you want to pay for your suit?

About eighteen dollars.

Here is a good suit that you can have for twenty-one dollars.

Its regular price is twenty­ five dollars.

I like the color of that.

Let me see how it fits me.

Take off your coat and vest.

The coat is a little too long.

The sleeves are too wide.

We can alter the coat.

It wouldn’t cost you anything.

It is a good suit.

It fits you well on the back.

Let me see the pants of this suit.

Shall I try them on, or will you take the measure?

You had better try them on.

The trousers are long and tight.

How long do you want them?

Do you want them with codes?

Yes, I’ll have codes on them.

How wide do you want the codes?

About three inches.

Do you wear a belt all the time?

No, I use suspenders most of the time.

Do you think you like this suit?

I think so.

I don’t know how good the stuff is.

The stuff is guaranteed.

If it loses its color, bring it back and we’ll change it for you.

When will you have it ready?

It will be ready this afternoon at three.

Will you call for it, or shall we send it to you?

I will call for it this afternoon.

Is there anything else you wish to have?

I would like to have two shirts and four collars.

What size shirt do you wear?


Do you want something white?

Yes, I want it.

Plain white.

What kind of collar do you want?

Quite high, and closed in front.

What size collar do you wear?

Fifteen and a half.

I also want a hat.

Do you like a derby, a soft hat, a cap or a straw hat?

I would like to have a derby.

Here is a hat that is used very much this season.

I don’t like this hat.

The brim is too wide.

Here is another one, with a narrow brim.

I like this better.

What size is it?

Six and seven-eighths.

What is the price of this hat?

Two dollars.

Put this with my suit, and I’ll call for it this afternoon.

Is there anything else you wish to have?

No, nothing for the present.

Probably your friend wants something.

I would like to have a suit made to order.

Have you any good cloth to show me?

Yes, we have all kinds of new patterns.

They came in this morning.

You are the first one to look them over.

Here is a cloth that will make a good spring suit.

It is of light color, and light in weight.

Do you have something darker than this? Here are some other colors.

Here is a brown cloth, and here is a grey.

I don’t like the brown.

It is too thick.

I want something lighter.

I like this grey cloth pretty well.

Take my measure.

I think I’ll have a suit made of this stuff.

How much will it cost, coat, vest and pants? Twenty-five dollars.

I don’t want the trousers too long.

How wide would you like to have your trousers?

I don’t want them very narrow.

Make them the same width as those I have on.

How long do you want your coat?

About one inch shorter than the one I have on.

How many buttons will you have on your coat?


What kind of lining do you wish to have in your coat?

Here are two colors, a brown and a grey.

I think the grey goes better with the grey cloth.

Yes, sir, we’ll use the grey lining.

How much money do you want for deposit? Five dollars.

When will you have the suit ready?

It will be ready two weeks from today.

Come in a week from to-morrow to try the coat on.

Is there something else you would like to have?

I would like to have a half dozen hand kerchiefs, a pair of garters, a necktie, a pair of stockings, and two towels.

Put them all together in one bundle.


Be sure and come in a week from to-morrow to try the coat on.

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