Confident Grammar

Price – Rs. 970/-

Forget all your worries & use Grammar confidently.

We all worry about grammar. “Am I using it properly or not? “or “ What if I make a grammatical mistake & others will laugh at me?”

Now you can forget about all this!

Presenting Confident Grammar

The Confident Grammar course is designed specially

-          To help you understand purpose of grammar in English language

-          To help you reduce grammatical mistakes. &

-          Use grammar confidently while speaking in English.

This is what you want, right?

Content of the course –

  1. Myths of Grammar Part 1.
  2. Prepositions.
  3. Pronouns.
  4. Auxiliary Verbs

Part 2 Tense

  1. Simple Present Tense.
  2. Simple Past Tense.
  3. Simple Future Tense.
  4. Continuous Present Tense.
  5. Continuous Past Tense.
  6. Continuous Future Tense.
  7. Have – Has – Had.

Part 3

  1. Big Sentences
  2. Auxiliary Questions
  3. Wh-Questions
  4. Perfect Present Tense
  5. Perfect Past Tense
  6. Perfect Future Tense
  7. Perfect Continuous Present Tense
  8. Perfect Continuous Past Tense