There are mainly three major reasons people hesitate or avoid Speaking English in using their spoken conversation. Reading and writing is very fine with them. But when the question comes while talking with others in English, then they do speak hesitantly or shut up altogether. We are talking particularly about people in state of Maharashtra in India.
Although English is worldwide language, still there are large numbers of people who find it very difficult speaking English. Especially in state of Maharashtra people where Marathi is the main language. Here we are going to discuss various reasons for it.

  • The first reason is lack of confidence. Believe me, this is the problem that is faced by majority of the people. I am assuming here that these people are having basic knowledge English language. Even after having good knowledge of English, confidence is what stops them from doing the conversations in this language.
  • Once people develop the confidence that they can speak, then they actually start speaking in English. Once this problem is overcome, then other things simply fall in place and these people find it easy to speak in English.
  • The second reason is insufficient vocabulary of English. In schools & colleges we learn lots of English speaking words. But those are not sufficient, because Speaking English is not our first language. Most of the times we learn it as third or second language after Marathi. So naturally the number of words we have in our vocabulary are not enough.
  • After school, we mostly stop learning new words. Because by that time we have good enough vocabulary. And using that we can read and write. So unless we purposely work on improving our vocabulary, we face lots of problems as we proceed further on our career track.
  • The third reason people face problems is not having enough exposure to English language – in terms of hearing & speaking. What we do is we read a lot & few of us write a lot. But beyond that we do not get exposure to the language. We must keep on watching and listening English more and more. That definitely helps us in improving our skill of using Speaking English.

Everyone who is having problems in speaking English can improve their ability by focusing on these three major or core issues. Once you start working on these you will see exponential improvement in your communication.
So just try to solve these three issues and you will see great improvements in your English speaking ability.