English Marathi or Marathi English?

Most of us ( from Marathi medium school),see our first Dictionary, when we go to 5th standard. At least, it was when I first saw dictionary. The first Dictionary I got was K B Virkar’s English Marathi Dictionary.
And I am very sure, most of you have got same one. There is possibility that the publisher is different. But the format must be same – English Marathi.
Normally, we use it a lot in the first year or two, & then stop using it. Have you ever thought that – Why we do not refer that Dictionary more often? Now?
I’ll tell you the reason. It will be shocking to you. We don’t use it because . . .
. . . it was WRONG Dictionary for us!
But nobody told us that & nobody will tell you – except me. Because very few people are even aware of this thing – and that includes our English teachers,also.
You see, that Dictionary is for the people who already know & understand & speak English language. It is for English Speaking people – who want to learn Marathi.
You don’t believe me? OK. I’ll prove it to you.
Open your old English Marathi Dictionary & go through initial pages. I am talking about those pages where they tell us about – how to use it.
Read it carefully. There somewhere you will find a single line mention such as – ” . . . & this will help you inunderstanding & learning Marathi language better.” Or something along this line.
So what does this mean?
Simply, that English Marathi Dictionary is not for us – if want to learn English Speaking. Or better yet – it is not for us if we want to learn Marathi to English Speaking. It is for those who wants to learn Marathi.
So you may ask – then ” Which dictionary should I use?”
The answer to that is use some good Marathi English Dictionary. Because then you’ll be able to find ALL those words which you know in Marathi but you don’t know in English. I have listed few on the additional resources page.
Infact, in our 1st English Speaking Home Study Course, I have included hundreds of commonly used words. I have given them in audio format also. So that you can listen them & learn them much fsater – just like the musical songs.

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