“What is your opinion about the practice part & the syllabus part?”

Actually practice part is sufficient in this class after all it depends upon every student.

But about syllabus I want to tell you one thing. If you divided the course in Two or three division like symbosise. Because some students in this class having less knowledge of English. You should admit them in 1st division & take only for improving vocabulary & Topic, debates, discussion & conversation & which tenses students are very good in English & only wants to improve English Speaking. You should admit them in second division & you like only vocabulary methods, lopics, debales, discussion, conversation. It’s may be very effective. Because if you divide your course in two division (& fees also) your members may increase. Because in satpur area people can’t afford more fees for this class as they are narrow minded. SO you think on this points.

“Keep It Rajesh You Are Very Excellent Job”

Rajesh Gurule is very Good person. He teaching student simple method and different student. Rajesh Gurule is very frank person and he help the student for in future.

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