Remember how we learn to walk? Step-by-step slowly. One step at a time.

It was not like our parents decide one day “Today onwards, my son will walk & run”.

And they told us, “Now, you run”. It surely wasn’t that way.

First we learnt to stand up on two shaky legs.

Then first step was taken, then may be we fall down. But got up again.

This kept on going, till we were able to walk for couple feets, then across the wall & then in the whole house.

And after that we started running.

I hope you also did the same thing.

What this has to-do with English Speaking? Everything.

You must develop your speaking skills in the same manner. One-step-at-a-time. First make small sentences, then big over.
First speak for 20-30 seconds. Then 1-2 minutes. Then 5 minute + & so on.

That is exactly how our course is designed. It takes you by hand on the journey of English Speaking.

All the necessary & required steps are described in full. You get ONLY those things that you need-initially.

Nothing more.

Once you understand the fundamental principles, then you become ready to go to the next step.

So start your journey to English speaking today!

Rajesh Gurule

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