This article is a work-in-progress. I am giving you many Tips to Learn English Speaking In Marathi. But I plan to keep on adding to these regularly.
So let’s start with volume of English Speaking tips. These all are small, byte sized tips. The purpose is it is easy to understand small things more than that these are easy to implement so you shall benefit in your English Speaking process.
English Speaking tip 1 –

  1. Just Speak it! ( Like Nike’s Just do it!)
  2. Practice Speaking English.
  3. Watch at least one English more an cable every week.
  4. Learn to listen-properly.
  5. Don’t read National English Newspaper.
  6. Read local English Newspaper.
  7. Watch cartoon Channel in English.
  8. Speak with telecallers in English.
  9. In mobile, keep & listen to English material.
  10. Get on of your friend to do practice.
  11. First, speak about those things you are familiar with.
  12. While traveling keep on thinking about some topic in English.