“The practice part & syllabus part is very nice & effective”


  1. The class is very good. The relationship between the teacher & student is very nice. This class satisfied our need.
  2. Mr. Rajesh Gurule is not only good man but also good teacher. He teaching student is very nice & fabulous I think this is all due to his frankness. He never get bored if the student ask him some question even though   they are not related to the study the guide student very nicely I would say it is good class as well as he is good advisor or after coming in this class I never feel that he is our teacher but we always see him as a friend so that whatever he teach us or told us that we understand very quickly. May god bless him!
  3. All the method which sir had took them all are very nice & more effective.
  4. There is no one method which is less effective.
  5. I think there should be more English conversation between the students.
  6. There are no such things which are not required at all.
  7. Strong point- the way he teaching to the student is very nice & one being thing is he never get angry to the student.  He is very frank with his student so that the student can relax. He never hesitates to repeat the thing.
  8. The practice part & syllabus part is very nice & effective & I think there should not be any change in that matter.