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To an American visiting Europe, the long voyage he has to
make is an excellent preparative. The temporary absence of
worldly scenes and employments produces a state of mind
peculiarly fitted to receive new and vivid impressions. The vast
space of waters that separates the hemispheres is like a blank
page in existence. There is no gradual transition, by which,
as in Europe, the features and population of one country blend
almost imperceptibly with those of another. From the
moment you lose sight of the land you have left, all is vacancy
until you step on the opposite shore, and are launched at once
into the bustle and novelties of another world.
In traveling by land there is a continuity of scene and a
connected succession of persons and incidents, that carry on the
story of life, and lessen the effect of absence and separation.
"We drag, it is true, '"a lengthening chain," at each remove of
our pilgrimage; but the chain is unbroken: w^e can trace it
back link by link ; and Ave feel that the last still grapples us to
home. But a wide sea voyage severs us at once. It makes us
conscious of being cast loose from the secure anchorage of
settled life, and sent adrift upon a doubtful world. It inter-
poses' a gulf, not merely imaginary, but real, between us and
our homes , a gulf subject to tempest, and fear, and uncertainty,
rendering distance palpable, and return precarious.
Such, at least, was the case with myself. As I saw the last
blue line of my native land fade away like a cloud in the horizon,
it seemed as if I had closed one volume of the world and
its' concerns, and had time for meditation, before I opened

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