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The years went on, and Ernest ceased to be a boy. He had 
grown to be a young man now. He attracted little notice from 
the other inhabitants of the valley; for they saw nothing  
remarkable in his way of life, save that, when the labor of the day 
was over he still loved to go apart and gaze and meditate upon 
the Great Stone Face. 

According to their idea of the matter, 
it was a folly, indeed, but pardonable, inasmuch as Ernest was 
industrious, kind, and neighborly, and neglected no duty for 
the sake of indulging this idle habit. They knew not that the 
Great Stone Face had become a teacher to him, and that the 
sentiment which was expressed in it would enlarge the young 
man's heart, and fill it with wider and deeper sympathies than 
other hearts. 

They knew not that thence would come a better 
wisdom than could be learned from books, and a better life 
than could be moulded on the defaced example of other human 
lives. Neither did Ernest know that the thoughts and 
affections which came to him so naturally, in the fields and at the 
fireside, and wherever he communed with himself, were of a 
higher tone than those which all men shared with him. 

By this time poor Mr. Gathergold was dead and buried ; and 
the oddest part of the matter was, that his wealth, which was 
the body and spirit of his existence, had disappeared before 
his death, leaving nothing of him but a living skeleton,
covered over with a wrinkled, yellow skin. 

Since the melting away of his gold, it had been very generally 
conceded that there was no such striking resemblance, 
after all, betwixt the ignoble features of the ruined merchant 
and that majestic face upon the mountainside.

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