Take this simple test to test your reading & comprehension i.e understanding.

Instructions –
1. Read following ONLY once.
2. After you finish reading, click in the paragraph & start typing
3. Then write what you understand in that place.
Check how much time you took & then send it to us.


Little Abe hurried home as fast as his feet could
carry him. Perhaps if he had worn stockings and shoes
like yours he could have run faster. But, instead, he
wore deerskin leggings and clumsy moccasins of bear
skin that his mother had made for him.
Such a funny little figure as he was, hurrying along
across the rough fields! His suit was made of war
homespun cloth. His cap was made of coonskin, and the
tail of the coon hung behind him, like a furry tassel.
But if you could have looked into the honest, twink-
ling blue eyes of this little lad of long ago, you would
have liked him at once.
In one hand little Abe held something very precious.
It was only a book, but little Abe thought more of that
book than he would have thought of gold or precious
You cannot know just what that book meant to little
Abe, unless you are very fond of reading. Think how it
would be to see no books except two or three old ones
that you had read over and over until you knew them
by heart! 

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