Take this simple test to test your reading & comprehension i.e understanding.

Instructions –
1. Read following ONLY once.
2. After you finish reading, click in the paragraph & start typing
3. Then write what you understand in that place.
Check how much time you took & then send it to us.


Betty lived in the South, long, long ago.
She was only ten years old, but she liked to
help her mother.
She had learned to do many things. She
could knit and sew and spin; but best of all she
liked to cook.
One day Betty was alone at home because
her father and mother and brother had gone to
town to see a wonderful sight.
The great George Washington was visiting
the South. He was going from town to town,
riding in a great white coach trimmed with
shining gold. It had leather curtains, and soft
cushions. Four milk-white horses drew it
along the road.
Four horsemen rode ahead of the coach to
clear the way and four others rode behind it
They were all dressed in white and gold. 

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