Take this simple test to test your reading & comprehension i.e understanding.
Instructions –
1. Read following ONLY once.
2. After you finish reading, click in the paragraph & start typing
3. Then write what you understand in that place.
Check how much time you took & then send it to us.

Once there was a little girl who lived with
her mother.
They were very poor.
Sometimes they had no supper.
Then they went to bed hungry.
One day the little girl went into the woods.
She wanted sticks for the fire.
She was so hungry and sad!
''Oh, I wish I had some sweet porridge!"
she said.
'1 wish I had a pot full for mother and me.
We could eat it all up."
Just then she saw an old woman with a little
black pot.
She said, ''Little girl, why are you so sad?"
"I am hungry," said the little girl.

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