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On Your Feet – Impressive Presentations Course

with Rajesh Gurule

Module 1 Introduction
What Presentation is?
What Impressive Presentation is?
Nature of Presentations
Fine art of learn able skills
Module 2 Mental relationships in Impressive Presentations
What is your purpose?
Origin of the word communication
3 Qualities of conversational relationship
a. Direct
b. Reciprocal
c. Sincere
Module 3 Real purpose in Impressive Presentations
1. To inform
2. To enlighten
3. To convince
4. To impress
5. To excite
6. To actuate
7. To entertain
Module 4 Motivation behind your presentation
Why this topic?
Why YOU?
Module 5 Attention Yours & Your audiences/
Primary attention
Secondary attention Voluntary
Give attention to get attention
Module 6 Concreteness in Impressive Presentations
Concreteness is the soul of attention
Module 7 Reinforcement of your thoughts
Obstacles of distraction
Device of reinforcement
Hit them again in same place.
Module 8 Persuasion
Ability to influence
Understanding Instincts, sentiments & feelings = Persuasion
2 Basic instincts
1 Self preservation
2 perpetuation continuation
Others Property, Power, Pride
These are what everybody wants.
Module 9 Argumentatiuon = A logical process for presentations
Def an attempt to influence others by intellectual processed;
to convince by reasoning
The process
1 Axioms & Postulates, Proofs
2 Demonstration
3 Conclusion
3 Parts of argumentation
1 Analysis or study of prepositions
2 The study of evidence
3 The study of argument
module 10 Drifting - Biggest Problem in Impressive Presentations
Drift What is he trying to say exactly?
Causes of drift
1 Lack of unity in subject
2 Vagueness of purpose
3 Failure to define subject
4 Incoherence of ideas & thoughts
5 Poor emphasis
6 Too little concreteness
7 Lack of climax
8 Monotony
9 Over glibness Million dollar words
10 Uncertainty of speaker himself
11 Insufficient reinforcement of ideas
Module 11 Humor in Impressive Presentations
Moderate humor is good.
Purpose of humor to be more clear
Not matter but manner of humor is important
Types of humor
1 The trivial, but spectacular mishap
2 The downfall of false dignity
3 Exaggeration or hyperbole
4 Paradox
5 Irony or sarcasm
6 Parody
7 Travesty
8 Satire
9 Grotesquely
10 Irreverence
11 Tolerance
12 Individuality

Section 2 – Tools of Impressive Presentation

Words. Tones. Actions( gestures)
These are the main tools. But remember that these are simple tools.

Module 12 Words or Vocabulary
4 types of vocabulary
Reading Vocabulary
Writing Vocabulary
Hearing Vocabulary
Speaking Vocabulary
Visual= Reading & Writing
Auditory = Hearing & Speaking
Receptive/Sensory = Reading & Writing
Active/Motor = Hearing & Speaking
Actual sensations & Memory = Reading 7 Writing
Kinesthetic Sensations & imagination = hearing 7 Speaking
3 Ways to improve all 4 vocabularies
1. by increasing all vocabularies
2. by widening associations between them
3. by adding directly to deficient one
Best remedy for speaking vocabulary problem
1. Reading aloud
2. Conversation with well educated people
3. Read aloud your own writings
Module 13 Voice of Impressive Presenter
Everybody has good voice. WE just dont use it properly
Major problems of voice
1. Breathing
2. Vocalization
3. Articulation
Module 14 Breathing Properly
Natural method of breathing like children
Observe shouts of a child
Faults in breathing
1. Insufficient lung capacity
2. Breathlessness
3. Inadequate control of breath
4. Fluttering/ Loss of control
Module 15 Vocalizatin faults ( Tone Production)
1. Breathiness
2. Guttural placing
3. Nasality
4. Harshness
5. Faulty pitch
6. Flatness or woodenness
7. Monotony
8. Hoarseness
9. Tonelessness
Module 16 Articulation Faults
1. Carelessness
2. Mushy
3. Slurring
4. Unfinished sounds
5. Contraction of words
6. Inserting extra words
7. Tongue tie
8. Stammering/ stuttering
9. Mispronunciatin of words
Module 17 Signs of good voice production
1. Easyness. Natural. Painless
2. Open & relaxed throat
3. Good & habitual breathing
4. Habitual
5. Regular practice
Module 18 Actions or Gestures
People are visual
Observe a child
He uses Hands. Arms. Feet. Head. Voice. Mouth. Eye brows. Lips. Shouldres. Whole body
1. Keep it natural
2. Let it come from within
3. Be expressive
4. Be relaxed

Section 3 Preparation of your Impressive Presentations

Module 19 - Methods of preparation of your presentation
First what to present on
1. Have something rare, unusual to say
2. Have deep knowledge of project authority
3. Enthusiasm
4. Timeliness
5. Intrinsic interest
Second How of the preparation
1. Master the topic/ subject
2. Use cards/ loose papers
3. Proper assimilation
Module 20 Method 1 of preparation - Writing out & memorizing presentation
1. Best control
2. Economy of expression
3. Eliminates waste
4. Insurance against forgetting
5. Proper documentation
1. Sound written/ parrot like
2. Difficult to speak & remember at teh same time
3. Unreliability of memory
Module 21 Method 2 of preparation Spontaneous/ Extemporaneous/ Impromptu presentation from notes
1. Spontaneous & genuine
2. Sounds like speaking & not reading
3. Keep you on toes
4. Instantaneous modification is possible
1. Rambling
2. Leaving out some pointers
3. Clumsiness & uncertainty
4. Temptation to neglect preparation
5. Difficult to keep track of time
Module 22 Conclusion
What now?
Go. Prepare. & give your first impressive presentation
All the best.
Impressive Presentations
“On Your Feet” will show you how you can give presentations that will impress your audience – be it your boss, your clients or simply anyone else.
There is no secret to this. All you have to understand is the fundamental principles.
But this course is not like other courses.
This is different. Here you will learn about giving great presentations that people will love to attend. You won’t be boring them. On the contrary, they will be doing what you want them to do.
That is what you will get in “On Your Feet”.
THE purpose of this course is to furnish the you with a concise statement of the principles you ought to know about impressive presentations.
The course is confined to giving presentations, which to me means the communication of one’s own thoughts to an audience, in one’s own words and personality.
So read the modules. Go through the details. And then if you really want to give Impressive Presentations, then enroll in this course.

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