“Now I can speak English with any person.”


  1. I feel I got the benefit of my investment my aim is to speak English now I can speak English with any person mean I think I got back the worth of my investment.
  2. A fee is sufficient but these should not any increase in fees in this batch because this is middle class area. For this class maximum student are either in collage or learn something .so it is difficult to them pay fee at time both place but they can offered the fee to class but it is difficult to them to give more fee than this fee. So I feel this fee is sufficient in this area. And if you want extend branches in other area then as per area you increase fees.  Because with comparison with fees of other classes our fee is less so you can increase fee in other branches like in Nasik city, or college road, branches.
  3. Mr. Rajesh gurule is best as a teacher. His strong point is fluent in speaking, communicate happily, smiling with student you involve with each student deeply. You ask other things that are not related with our class. You must compulsion for some student for their good behavior is good as teacher. Other part is OKAY.
  4. No. of student in each batch should get chance to speak in 2 hours. By increasing no. of student there is rush and it is difficult to give attention to every student. so 10112 student are sufficient in batch if the student are of same level then you can increase ¾ boys in batches but they should of same levels.
  5. If possible for you extend the branches like middle class area like Cidco or in main city near to colleges and some teaching part you appoint assistant. But that assistant should be likely you in maximum aspects.
  6. Duration is OKAY it is sufficient.

Photo by gerriet