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Watch this Video completely – If you want to speak in English…

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This is English Speaking Home Study Course for –

1. Everyone who wants to speak in English,
2. Everyone who don’t want to go to classes, &
2. Everyone who wants surefire, effective & guaranteed ways for speaking in English.
So if you are among any of the one given above, then this English Speaking Home Study Course is for You![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

What you will get in this Home Study Course?

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Important -:

This is NOT class – I don’t conduct any classes!
This is Home Study Course – You study at Your home or office.
Watch the videos on this page OR read the complete page for more info.
No Discounts – The price of Rs 3,790+250 = Rs 4,040 is fixed since last 2 -3 years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Why the price of this course is not much for you?

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Here is detailed information about this course.

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  1. The course was introduced in Feb 2002. Since then 3200+ users have benefited from it. 17 editions have been printed till date.
  2. 365 Days’ No-Questions-Asked, 100 % Money-back Guarantee. The guarantee is printed on the very first page of the course.
  3. 2650 users started speaking in English in first 99 Days. Others took longer than that. You need to study for 27 – 45 minutes a day.
  4. It contains – 780+ Pages; 95 Exercises; 450+ Minutes Audios
  5. 3200+ users in 10 Years are the proof that these scientific techniques really help you in speaking in English. Also, we have tested it with 1300+ people in personal coaching. It uses our brain in very effective ways with the techniques that were known 107 years ago.

The mistakes made by most Marathi speaking people –

  • Mistake 1 – Many people focus on delivery instead of focusing on content.
  • Mistake 2 – They should concentrate more on ‘what’ they want to speak and not ‘how’.
  • Mistake 3 – They concentrate more on ‘what’ they want to speak and not how
  • Mistake 4 – They pay attention to “what other person think of me?” When they should actually listen to what they are saying.
  • Mistake 5 – Still other keep on repeating sentence in their mind instead of saying few words.
  • Mistake 6 –  It is astonishing how many Marathi speaking people chase to keep quiet even though they know much more about the subject then other.

Why Most Marathi Speakers Make Mistakes?

What is the reason so many of us are not efficient in English speaking & find our careers halted at the same point?
Why so many find themselves at a loss for words to express their meaning adequately?
The reason for this is clear. I’ve discovered it in countless tests & interactions with people.
Most persons do not speak good English simply because they never formed the habit of doing so. The formation of any habit comes only from constant practice/application of fundamental principles. No one who speak English confidently think of rules when he is doing so.
Here is a language that is used by most of the world’s population; that we study for at least 5 years; that we are so good in writing! Yet we find it is so difficult when we need to speak in English. It happens because of wrong methods we learn in school. School teachers made it hardest, instead of most fascinating of games!
Just imagine . . .
What will you get when YOU will start speaking in English?

More income ?

More Money ?

Vacations with your family ?

More confidence ?

Promotion in Your job ?

I have got all these. And the credit goes to my ABILITY OF Speaking in English ! ! ! Just have a look at following Photos.

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It’s not your fault….

You are not to blame here. It’s the wrong methods of teaching that has affected your ability of speaking in English.
Some years ago, I was in your place. I could read English. I could write English… but I could not speak in English.I spent countless days & weeks in pain because of this. Nothing helped me.
But when I started applying the habit changing method given in this English Speaking Home Study Course, I started speaking within few days with anybody on any topic & in any situation.
It was simply amazing.
My whole life changed because of this one thing. Otherwise I would be working at some job paying me 40,000-50,000 per month. So about 9 years ago, I started coaching some M.B.A students, engineers & others these principles and methods. And to their surprise, most of them started speaking in English within few weeks.
After 2 years of personally coaching hundreds of people in English speaking skills, I developed this home study course. It is totally based on same principles that I have used in those classes. And all of them, not only learn speaking but also enjoyed the learning, too. The basic principle of this course is habit forming. Any one can learn to speak effectively by constantly using the principle & methods I’ve given.
It’s like I am personally there with you,coaching you, guiding you every step. I would be there with you. Explaining the concept as many times as it takes for you to understand. If you continue to face same problems over and over again, each time I would tell you how to solve it.
I would be mentor beside you- a mentor who would not laugh at you, but who would on the contrary, support and help you.

Only 15 – 45 min a day

You don’t have to slog for hours and hours. In years of experimenting, I brought to light some highly outstanding facts about English. For instance, there are only few hundred words that make up more than half of yours speech. Obviously, if you could learn to use pronounce there words correctly, you would go for toward eliminating your problems in speaking.
Similarly, I’ve found out what part of grammar is most important & What parts you don’t need to study at all. If you master only that then you are as well as your way to greater successes. And so on & on . . .
When the study of English speaking is made so simple, it becomes clear that progress can be made in a very short time. No more than 45 minutes a day are required. 45 minutes of fascinating pratice, not study!
My course students do their work in any spare moments they can snatch. They do it while in office.They do on train. They do it while watching TV. The result are phenomenal.
I have placed an excellent command of English speaking within the grasp of every one. Those who take advantages of my methods gain something so priceless that it can not be measured in terms of money. They gain a trademark of Confidence that can not be erased. They gain a facility in speech that marks them as educated people in whatever society they find themselves.
They gain self-confidence and self-respect which this ability inspires. As For material reward,certainly the importance of good English in the race for success cannot be over estimated. Surely no one can advance far without it.
In addition to this, there are so many benefits that you get. Just to list few of those-

  • It makes English speaking very convenient to you
  • You will be able to do all those things & activities that you always wanted to do
  • Imagine the joy, pleasure & confidence you’ll experience as you will speak good English with your friends, your boss & your customers or collegues. You’ll feel simply great that at last you are speaking in English
  • You get 5 manuals
  • You have everything needed in printed form. These 5 manuals contains all the important things
  • The manuals are always with you-whenever you need them
  • Secondly, you can learn at your own speed – this can not happen in coaching classes
  • You’ll be incharge of what to learn & when to learn
  • You are in control
  • You’ll learn faster with these manuals
  • You can decide the time, speed & place & topic that you want to learn from the course
  • Nobody other than you will know that you have joined any speaking class
  • You don’t have to worry about the criticism form others
  • You learn by following 4 simple steps to speak in English
  • ONLY 4 steps for you to master- not very complex
  • The 4 steps gives you what to do in sequence- you just have to follow these 4 steps
  • Every time you want to speak, you will know what to do & where to start
  • This gives you tremendous confidence
  • Also, with this course it’s not difficult
  • Everybody can learn these 4 steps & master them in very short period of time
  • You get 8 audio CDs also
  • In class you hear your teacher & learn from him. With this course, you get same type of experience with these Audio Cds
  • You can play these Audio CDs in your computer or your CD/DVD player or even in your mobiles
  • You hear everything I want to teach you about the various concepts
  • You can listen to any topic again & again – till you understand it completely
  • This gives you great convinience of learning at your own speed
  • Also, you get 6 proven ways to improve your confidence
  • Confidence is the most imortant thing you need to speak in English
  • You get actual, proven & powerful 6 ways to improve your confidence
  • You know exactly what to do for improving confidence
  • Everybody tells you – “ Improve your confidence level”, in this course I am giving you 6 ways to actually imrpve it
  • You know exactly what to do
  • Just imagine how you will feel with the increased confidence
  • You can speak English just like your boss or your convent-educated friend
  • You learn – an innovative but absolutely FREE way to improve your English
  • You get many tools
  • Very easy method to improve English
  • One activity you do everyday – but in a wrong way
  • You can sit or lie on your bed or sofa & still work on your English
  • You don’t like to work very hard? Good, because I have shown some very simple & lazy ways to speak English. You’ll love these secrets
  • A revolutionary concept – thinking in English
  • If you understand & use the tremendous power in thinking in English concept, then you can immediately start speaking English
  • The most powerful concept in learning English Speaking
  • One activity for which you don’t need any paper, any pen or any other person
  • The one thing that helps you instantly in English Speaking
  • One fast food technique – just like fast food, it helps you instantly for English Speaking
  • The only 3 Things you require of Grammar
  • If you master only 3 Grammar concepts, then you are done
  • You don’t need to understand Grammar in depth
  • It becomes very easy with these concepts
  • Forget your worries of Grammar
  • Your risk is zero
  • You get 1 FULL year’s guarantee
  • You will not be cheated with this course


“My 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee”

My 1 Year Iron-clad ,

No-Questions Asked

100 % Money Back Guarantee”

You use this course for full 365 days i.e. for full 1 year. If at the end of the year, you feel that – It has not helped you OR for ANY other reason You are not satisfied with my course, then simply tell me. I shall refund your entire amount immediately.
So if you’re not happy with what you discover from “1st Home Study English Speaking Course” I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money.
Not only that, but… the all teh bonus gifts are yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me!
And You can keep ALL the bonuses for giving this a try.
Okay? So you really can’t lose! The Course is yours no matter what.
You get 100 % Money Back Guarantee for 1 FULL year,also. Now here are the various components you are getting.
So order right now. Here is how you can order for this course today –
1. You can deposit the money in my HDFC Account.Or you can do online transfer.
The details are –
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 00641000161375
Immediately I’ll send you the course.
Your Price = Rs 4,040/- ( FREE Home Delivery)

You get 100 % Money Back Guarantee for 1 FULL year,also. Now here are the various components you are getting.
Yours truly,
Rajesh Gurule
P.S.-Everything to get you started in speaking English in 4 simple & easy steps 4 Most important things you need to speak English – & NO, good grammar is not one of them! The reason why a Maharashtrian Person cannot speak English – even after learning it in school for minimum 5 years. So if you really want to speak English easily, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
P.P.S. – If you are still undecided, get the first 2 chapters of this course. After reading them you can decide yourself. And the best part is they are free for you to download.
I have added various resources for you. You can access them all on Resources pages such PDFs, Articles & Videos.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]