English has become a major language force in today’s world. It’s true that every country has it’s own language & derivatives, but one can not done & ignore the importance of English. If one can read & write English, that is not enough. He must be able to Speak in English.
Here we shall see what losses we have to face if we can’t speak in English confidently. In India, English has become major language in Higher Educational studies. It is the only language in which all fallowing field’s knowledge is available –

  • medical
  • Engineering
  • Computer software
  • Computer Hardware
  • Bio-Technology

So if we can’t Speak in English, then a daily, we face problems. When every other person is Speaking in English & you are not, then it creates many problematic situations for you. You can’t communicate & express your thoughts & ideas with others effectively. So the end result is that others think you lack the knowledge. That results in lack of progress for your career. It kind of get stalled. Because in today’s world perception is everything.
If people think of you as a good presenter with lots of ideas, then your progress becomes much smoother & faster. When they think you don’t have knowledge or you cannot present your knowledge, then your progress becomes slower, much slower.
Second major loss you have to face is less of your confidence. It’s kind of vicious cycle.

  • You don’t have confidence,
  • So you don’t Speak.&
  • Therefore you don’t get confidence And it keeps on going.

The worst part is this lack of confidence penetrates into other areas of your areas. You start facing problems in professional, social & personal life, too. You get detached from your successful colleagues & friends. Because you can’t use the language that they use so easily. Your social circle get limited to only those who speak your language.
Automatically it put limits on the growth you are going to achieve in your life & career.
Many a times, your personal life get affected. You become more irritated & ideal us of others. You think that you deserve that success & that promotion. But your collogues got that. And you keep on resending that fact.
If you really decide then you can stop all these things occurring in your life. By learning to Speak English confidently. Work on it. It will take 3-6 months if you have basic knowledge of the language. Initially you may have to work harder. But as you will start at Speaking, You’ll feel good.
So if you want to avoid all above mentioned losses, then start learning English Speaking today.