“I think every student can easily understand, what you teach.”

  1. The method of my speak well English speaking class is very well. I think every student can easily understand, what you teach.
  2. I think all things are effective. You speak with every student kindly & lovely. Every day you tell the student to speak on any topic & also take the conversation & debates. The most important thing is your personality. I also want to make me like your personality. You have not pride of your knowledge.
  3. In my class there are many facilities like library, carrier guidance,etc
  4. You have to take competitions or exams after every2-3 week.
  5. In even batch there should be 8-10 student & they should be same level. If there is 8-10 students, every student get the chance to speak in English.
  6. Expansion :-

Yes, there should be batches in other area, but in our area there is no speaking class like other area. Now, in our class number of student is increasing & I think if this numbering increasing is being then you have to assistant to handle some batches & also have to take another shop.