फक्त 100 दिवसांत तुम्ही इंग्रजीत आत्मविश्वासाने बोलू शकता !

Engineers. Doctors. Business Executives. Company Owners. Managers.
Software Professionals. Sales & Marketing Executives. MBAs.
All have benefited from this unique speaking course.

A 5 module English speaking home study course

that teaches you to

speak in English anytime, anywhere with anybody

2 ऑप्शन्समधून तुमच्यासाठी योग्य कोर्स निवडा
Rs 3970
1 व्हिडीओ प्रोग्राम CD
5 प्रिन्टेड मॅन्युअल्स
8 ऑडिओ सीडीज्
स्पिकींग कार्ड्सचे 2 सेट
+ 5 बोनस गिफ्टस्
Rs 1970
1 व्हिडीओ प्रोग्राम CD
3 प्रिन्टेड मॅन्युअल्स
8 ऑडिओ सीडीज्
स्पिकींग कार्ड्सचे 2 सेट
कुरियर द्वारे

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Here are the interesting facts about this course

3200+ Students

हा कोर्स फेब्रुवारी 2002 मध्ये सुरू करण्यात आला. तेव्हापासून 3200+ युजर्सना त्याचा फायदा झाला आहे. 17 आवृत्त्या आजपर्यंत छापल्या गेल्या आहेत.

Complete Course

It contains – 780+ Pages; 95 Exercises; 450+ Minutes Audios. It’s a complete course

1 Yr Guarantee

This is the ONLY English Speaking Course in the world that gives 365 Days’ No-Questions-Asked, 100 % Money-back Guarantee.

45 Minutes

आपल्याला दिवसाला 27 ते 45 मिनिटे अभ्यास करावा लागतो.

99 Days

2650 स्टुडेंटसनी  99 दिवसांतच इंग्रजी बोलयला सुरुवात केली.
इतरांनी त्यापेक्षा जास्त वेळ घेतला. परंतु प्रत्येकाला ह्या कोर्सचा फायदा झाला.

107 Yr old secret

This course uses 107 years old secrets that guarantees results. These are very effective.

You don’t know these things. That’s why  you are not able to speak in English – even after studying it for so long.

यात तुमची काहीच चूक नाही.

चूक आहे ती आपल्या शिक्षण पद्धतीची.
You are not to blame here. It’s the wrong methods of teaching that has affected your ability of speaking in English.
Some years ago, I was in your place. I could read English. I could write English… but I could not speak in English.I spent countless days & weeks in pain because of this.
Nothing helped me.
But when I started applying the habit changing methods given in this English Speaking Home Study Course, I started speaking within few days with anybody on any topic & in any situation.
It was simply amazing.
My whole life changed because of this one thing. Otherwise I would be working at some job paying me 40,000-50,000 per month.
So about 15 years ago, I started coaching some M.B.A students, engineers & others these principles and methods. And to their surprise, most of them started speaking in English within few weeks.
After 2 years of personally coaching hundreds of people in English speaking skills, I developed this home study course. It is totally based on same principles that I have used in those classes. And all of them, not only learn speaking but also enjoyed the learning, too.
The basic principle of this course is habit forming.
Any one can learn to speak effectively by constantly using the principle & methods I’ve given. It’s like I am personally there with you,coaching you, guiding you every step.
I would be there with you. Explaining the concept as many times as it takes for you to understand.
If you continue to face same problems over and over again, each time I would tell you how to solve it.
I would be mentor beside you- a mentor who would not laugh at you, but who would on the contrary, support and help you.
I would do that with this course. Note that this is very very practical course. I am not Ph D in English or Literature. Neither am I ‘Teacher’ in generic sense. Although I love teaching, I am businessman at the heart.
I know value of time. I know value of practical knowledge. And based on this philosophy I have developed this course.

Let me tell you how I have structured our course.

Structure of the course

The course is structured in considering various learning methods. Some people learn by reading. Some people learn by listening. Some people learn by writing.
I have included all the learning methodologies that are effective in our course.
You get –

1 Video Program

Here, you’ll learn 3 Myths about English Speaking & 4 Techniques that are essential for everybody to speak in English confidently.

5 Printed Manuals

1. Fundamental Concepts
2. Exercise Book
3. Phrases & Word Power Book
4. Exercise Work Book
5. Transcript Of All Audio Files
In the Basic Version, You get first 3 manuals only.

8 Audio CDs

Fundamentals of English Speaking – 2 CDs
Essential Grammar for English Speaking – 4 CDs
Vocabulary Building – 2 CDs

Speaking Cards

I am giving you these Speaking Cards. And I guarantee that You will love these. Anytime, Anywhere you are stuck up . . . simply take out the cards; solve your problem & start speaking again.

To make it easier for you, the whole course is divided in 4 modules. Let’s see those in detail.

Module 1- Fundamentals of English Speaking

IN this module, You’ll learn the essential fundamentals needed. You’ll be surprised to know that grammar is NOT one of these.
Once you master the fundamentals, then rest of the things are very easy.
As you go through this module, you;ll realize how wrong your thinking was all theses years when it comes to English Speaking.
This module will benefit you in many many wasy. Such as –
You will be able to do all those things & activities that you always wanted to do
Imagine the joy, pleasure & confidence you’ll experience as you will speak good English with your friends, your boss & your Customers or collegues. You’ll feel simply great that at last you are speaking in English
You learn by following 4 simple steps to speak in English
ONLY 4 steps for you to master- not very complex
The 4 steps gives you what to do in sequence- you just have to follow these 4 steps
Everybody can learn these 4 steps & master them in very short period of time
Every time you want to speak, you
will know what to do & where to start
Everybody tells you – “ Improve your confidence level”, in this course I am giving you 6 ways to actually imrpve it
You know exactly what to do
This gives you tremendous confidence
Also, you get 6 proven ways to improve your confidence
Confidence is the most important thing you need to speak in English
You get actual, proven & powerful 6 ways to improve your confidence
You know exactly what to do for improving confidence
Just imagine how you will feel with the increased confidence.
Once you master these fundamentals, you become ready for next module.

Module 2- Essential Grammar for English Speaking

There are thousands of rules to use proper grammar in English language.
Honestly, no one knows all these. And even if anyone knows, he won’t be able to use it in daily speaking.
That’s why it’s important to know basic grammar. because without it you cannot speak at all.
But don’t get obsessed about knowing each and everything about grammar.
In this module, I’ll teach you ONLY essential grammar for speaking in English.Once you master this part, you will be confidently speaking in English with ANYBODY, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
In this module, you’ll learn –
The only 3 Things you require of Grammar
If you master these 3 Grammar concepts, then you are done
Why You don’t need to understand Grammar in depth
It becomes very easy with these concepts
You’ll Forget your worries of Grammar
When combined with Fundamental Concepts in Module 1, this grammar module makes you ready for the next mofule.

Module 3 – Secret techniques to speed up your learning & make it fun

English speaking is like torture to some people. They hate it. But still learn it the hard way.
because they don’t know any other way or better way. A way that is fun, easy & effective at the same time.
In this module, ou’ll learn these secrets which are being used by good communicators and speakers all over world. And these secret are in existence since last 107 years.
The best part is you’ll start loving English and therefore start speaking in English – much sooner!
You’ll learn in this module –
A revolutionary concept – thinking in English
If you understand & use the tremendous power in thinking in English concept, then you can immediately start speaking English
The most powerful concept in learning English Speaking
One activity for which you don’t need any paper, any pen or any other person
The one thing that helps you instantly in English Speaking
One fast food technique – just like fast food, it helps you instantly for English Speaking
Very easy method to improve English
One activity you do everyday – but in a wrong way
You can sit or lie on your bed or sofa & still work on your English
You don’t like to work very hard? Good, because I have shown some very simple & lazy ways to speak English.
You’ll love these secrets

Module 4 – Daily vocabulary for English Speaking

This is last module in which you’ll learn most of the words needed for day-to-day speaking.

Words are only one part of good vocabulary. the other part is phrases.
It’s been said that to really understand any language, you must understand phrases.
i have included a big
list of phrases, too.
The word list given is about 1700+ words. Consider this as starting point. The more words you have, better it is for you. because with good vocabulary you shall speak very easily & effectively.
english speaking vocabulary

Plus, You’ll Also Receive This Incredible Bonus Package:

Bonus # 1 Pronuciation Power CD - 17,000 Words

Proper Pronunciation of words is very important in speaking in English. Because when we speak, we pronounce.
Not knowing how to pronounce words is second biggest challenge faced by people. So I am giving you one Audio CD that includes proper pronunciation of 17,000 words.
This will teach you the correct pronunciation of words. You will know the importance of this once you start listening this Audio CD.
Pl note – This is available with Premium Version & Basic Version.

Bonus # 2 Vocabulary with Fun - Book

Have you ever tried learning new words with a dictionary? If yes, then did you like that?
Probably no. Because that is not proper way to learn new words. There are many ways that are fun and effective at the same time. I have included a very nice book titled “Vocabulary With Fun”.
It will help you in learning new words easily.
Pl note – This is available only with Premium Version.

Bonus # 3: 997 Mistakes to Avoid in English

“Do You Make Any of These 997 Mistakes Any of in English Speaking & Writing?”
Anyone can learn English. But it takes years of practice & study to speak & write in elegant English.
Most important way to achieve this is by avoiding the common mistakes in English made by almost EVERYBODY. Even if you do nothing else than reading & using this, Your English will be far superior than everybody in your professional circle.
Pl note – This is available only with Premium Version.

Bonus #4: 12 Golden Rules to Become Interesting Conversationalist - Booklet

We all want to speak in English so that we can have good conversation with others. But what is a good conversation & what is a bad conversation?
You’ll know that in this special booklet I am including in Premium Version of the course. In this, You’ll learn about –
What not to do when other person is talking . . . page 14
Best way to ask second question . . . page 14
How much details to give & not to give . . . page 14
when to talk & when to listen . . . page 14
Hero of the conversation – how to become one . . . page 14
Why exaggerating can hurt you . . . page 14
What subjects to chose for conversation . . . page 14
& some more . . . This is Rs 470 value but today you’ll get it absolutely FREE ! ! !
Pl note – This is available only with Premium Version.

Bonus #5: ”How To Get Any Job In 27 Days” – Book + CDs

If you are learning English speaking to get a good job, then you’ll love this bonus gift.
This will help you in getting your job in 27 days or less. I have taught the principles in this to hundreds of students, and they got very positive results with this material. You will get this as my gift to you.
Pl note – This is available only with Premium Version.

“Our 365 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee”

You use this course for full 365 days i.e. for full 1 year. If at the end of the year, you feel that – It has not helped you OR for ANY other reason You are not satisfied with my course, then simply tell me.

I shall refund your entire amount immediately.

So if you’re not happy with what you discover from “1st Home Study English Speaking Course” I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money.

Not only that, but… the all the bonus gifts are yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me! And You can keep ALL the bonuses for giving this a try.


So you really can’t lose! The Course is yours no matter what.

3 ऑप्शन्समधून तुमच्यासाठी योग्य कोर्स निवडा
Rs 3970
1 व्हिडीओ प्रोग्राम CD
5 प्रिन्टेड मॅन्युअल्स
8 ऑडिओ सीडीज्
स्पिकींग कार्ड्सचे 2 सेट
+ 5 बोनस गिफ्टस्
Rs 1970
1 व्हिडीओ प्रोग्राम CD
3 प्रिन्टेड मॅन्युअल्स
8 ऑडिओ सीडीज्
स्पिकींग कार्ड्सचे 2 सेट
कुरियर द्वारे

Read what other students are saying about our course

“. . . It helped me in really knowing what was the problem & why I couldn’t speak English.”

“Hello Rajesh, I am an Engineer. I was facing so many problems in communicating in English with others.
I tried few English Speaking Courses but nothing helped me much. But when I got your course & studied it, it was really amazing.
I find the concepts explained in a very easy to understand way. It helped me in really knowing what was the problem & why I couldn’t speak English.
But now I feel very confident while speaking English – with everyone. Thanks to you.”

“I think every student can easily understand, what you teach.”

The method of English speaking course is very well. I think every student can easily understand, what you teach. I think all things are effective.

“Keep It up Rajesh. You Are Doing Very Excellent Job”

Rajesh Gurule is very Good person. He teaching student simple method and different student.
He is very frank person and he help the student for in future.

“. . . It is exactly opposite of what I learned in school or in other classes.”

Thank You Sir, I actually purchased the course for my sister. She lives in other city.
After few days she started telling me how good this course is & how it is beneficial for her. Actually I gave it to her so that she could talk with her children & their teachers in English. So when she told me so many things about this course, I borrow it from her for myself. And I found that it is really a great course.
It is exactly opposite of what I learned in school or in other classes. But I think that is the reason your methods are so powerful.
Great work.

The practice part & syllabus part is very nice & effective in this course.

3 ऑप्शन्समधून तुमच्यासाठी योग्य कोर्स निवडा
Rs 3970
1 व्हिडीओ प्रोग्राम CD
5 प्रिन्टेड मॅन्युअल्स
8 ऑडिओ सीडीज्
स्पिकींग कार्ड्सचे 2 सेट
+ 5 बोनस गिफ्टस्
Rs 1970
1 व्हिडीओ प्रोग्राम CD
3 प्रिन्टेड मॅन्युअल्स
8 ऑडिओ सीडीज्
स्पिकींग कार्ड्सचे 2 सेट
कुरियर द्वारे

Or call 98225 45922 if you have any doubts.

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