75 English speaking tips

If you’ve ever faced a question about how to improve your English then you will enjoy this, because here we are sharing multiple activities that will help you.

As we know that nobody is perfect in English due to the sheer vastness of the English language. The words, the rules, the grammar, the accent, so many things are there to work on that though we have given here more than a hundred English improvement ideas, we still consider it to be work in progress.

One thing is sure, after you have finished this, your knowledge about English won’t be be the same, it will be much better.

Prepare yourself for improving your English. Understand that this will take quite a long time. It’s not going to happen overnight. This will keep you motivated throughout this journey. Also try to enjoy the process.

Let’s start then.

English Speaking Tip 1

Read 1 page from any English aloud everyday. It will reinforce (in your mind) your own voice imprint. Plus you will be actually pronouncing words. Speaking loudly will soon become a habit.

English Speaking Tip 2

Note down the mistakes you make while speaking. Then each week focus on 1 mistake & then work on it. In the next week, focus on learning parts of grammar that you are not sure about. Then next week it would be learning pronunciation. And so on.

English Speaking Tip 3

Watch English movies or drama serials on various English channels. This will train your ear to listen & understand what others are talking at faster speed.

English Speaking Tip 4

Listen for 10 – 15 minutes some English news or program- with your eyes closed. That way you are training your ears to do it’s best. Listening.

English Speaking Tip 5

Practice sentence building as much as you can. After all speaking is just sentences clubbed together in a proper sequence.

English Speaking Tip 6

Improve your listening vocabulary. When you listen English language more, it helps in improving your listening vocabulary.

English Speaking Tip 7

Write or copy something in English everyday on a paper. Do it by hand. It strengthens sentences structures in your brain.

English Speaking Tip 8

Forget Dictionary. Use thesaurus. It’s interesting and you learn 8 – 10 times more words in the same time. Roget’s thesaurus Is the best one.

English Speaking Tip 9

Talk with one stranger everyday. It maybe simple requests or even simple greetings.

English Speaking Tip 10

Do not ash question number two until number one has been answered; nor be too curious and, too disinterested; that is do not ask too many questions nor too few.

English Speaking Tip 11

For the pronunciation of the words you don’t know, use mobile or PC. It can tell you how to pronounce a word by actually reading it loudly.

English Speaking Tip 12

Never use ‘Dialogue-by-Dialogue’ English speaking method. It will never help you. Never!

English Speaking Tip 13

Take one topic that interests you. Then learn new words about it. It becomes very easy to improve your vocabulary this way.

English Speaking Tip 14

Read English. Read good English. Read good English daily.

English Speaking Tip 15

Don’t worry about spellings. Use ‘Spell Checkers’ in your software. Your spellings will never go wrong.

English Speaking Tip 16

Synonyms will save you. So learn as many synonymous words as possible for most important words.

English Speaking Tip 17

You don’t need to master whole grammar. All you need is 8 – 10 fundamentals that are needed for speaking. Master that first. Later you can conquer grammar.

English Speaking Tip 18

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes while speaking. Learn from your mistakes.

English Speaking Tip 19

Learn pronunciation properly. It helps in avoiding awkward situations of wrong pronunciation.

English Speaking Tip 20

Open your mouth fully while speaking. Half closed teeth makes your words difficult to understand.

English Speaking Tip 21

Do not interrupt another person  while he or she is speaking.

English Speaking Tip 22

Speak clearly and loudly. Loud enough for all listeners to listen properly.

English Speaking Tip 23

Style is something you develop over a period. Try to develop your own speaking style.

English Speaking Tip 24

Vary your voice so that it suits your thoughts. That way your speaking becomes impressive as well as interesting.

English Speaking Tip 25

Avoid talking too loudly. Your volume should be sufficient for your current listeners.

English Speaking Tip 26

Don’t fidget. If on your feet, stand up straight. If seated, sit still and keep your hands still.

English Speaking Tip 27

Learn to listen effectively,. This is one skill that helps in speaking much more than actually speaking itself.

English Speaking Tip 28

Watch cartoon channels in English. The shows on these are made for kids. Very direct & easy to understand.

English Speaking Tip 29

In your mobile, download English material. Such as speeches or interviews. Then listen to these when you are able to.

English Speaking Tip 30

Do not contradict another, especially when the subject under discussion is of trivial importance.

English Speaking Tip 31

Remember – Nobody is perfect in English grammar. So why should you?

English Speaking Tip 32

Learn to ignore others. They will laugh at you & your mistakes. So you learn o laugh at you,too. That way it won’t hurt much.

English Speaking Tip 33

Before some very important speaking situation do a 30 seconds visualization. Imagine  that you are speaking very confidently & clearly. It helps when you actually have to speak.

English Speaking Tip 34

Don’t be long-winded. Have your thoughts cleared & then only start speaking.

English Speaking Tip 35

Do not do all the talking; give your tired listener a chance.

English Speaking Tip 36

Don’t speak too fast or faster than your normal speed. It’s a definite sign of excitement or nervousness.

English Speaking Tip 37

Look directly in the eyes of your listener. That’s a sign of healthy confidence.

English Speaking Tip 38

Remember that purpose of conscious practice and observation in speaking leads to unconscious performance.

English Speaking Tip 39

Chose words that are definite, simple, real, expressive & varied. It makes you much more interesting.

English Speaking Tip 40

Avoid the words which are less known, foreign, obsolete, extravagant & long.

English Speaking Tip 41

Your pronunciation should be clear-cut and accurate. Avoid mouthing, lisping, hesitation & stammering.

English Speaking Tip 42

Try to practice gestures that are graceful, appropriate, free, forceful and natural.

English Speaking Tip 43

Avoid all gestures that are abrupt, constrained & too obvious.

English Speaking Tip 44

While speaking your facial expression should be varied & pleasing.

English Speaking Tip 45

Be not continually the hero of your own story; nor, on the other hand, do not leave your story without a hero.

English Speaking Tip 46

Remember that in speaking most basic, most fundamental and most important things are simple. Always.

English Speaking Tip 47

Develop the confidence that you can speak in English. And very soon you’ll actually start speaking in English.

English Speaking Tip 48

Insufficient vocabulary is what stops majority of people from speaking in English. Overcome this hurdle by  learning few words on a regular basis & soon you won’t face this problem of lack of sufficient vocabulary.

English Speaking Tip 49

The simplest and most effective way to develop vocabulary & power of words is to read aloud every day from a good book. By this you familiarize yourself with the best use of words.

English Speaking Tip 50

Only knowing words is not sufficient. A good speaker must be able to summon them accurately and instantly.

English Speaking Tip 51

Keep a special notebook to write distinctive words, unusual words which you can refer & use later.

English Speaking Tip 52

When you are reading or are alone, test your actual knowledge of words. Formulate the most concise & accurate definitions of them in your mind. Practice this regularly.

English Speaking Tip 53

Don’t just have superficial knowledge of language. Don’t just skim over words in reading. Have a habit of intensely looking at words.

English Speaking Tip 54

The mastery of language and English speaking is largely a matter of imitation. Therefore study of best models is very much essential. Read & learn from great authors.

English Speaking Tip 55

All our speaking powers are given to us in a state of imperfection. It is only in action and practice that they have the power to grow.

English Speaking Tip 56

The faculty of expression means speaking must be cultivated side by side with the faculty of thought.

English Speaking Tip 57

Observation skills will help you a lot in English speaking. Learn to observe how others speak; how others debate & how they express themselves. Then try to improve your own speaking by swiping their skills.

English Speaking Tip 58

Avoid triteness. Triteness means using overused expressions. They have already lost their effectiveness. So using them doesn’t help you at all.

English Speaking Tip 59

Recognize & use improprieties properly. These are the words that are misused in their meaning as well as their functions. You can use these but don’t misuse them.

English Speaking Tip 60

Use idioms. Idioms are mostly not grammatical. But they make your speaking vigorous & very impressive.

English Speaking Tip 61

Avoid jargon. Jargon means using unnecessary long-winded words when the same can be said in very simple words. Don’t use jargon.

English Speaking Tip 62

Every word has an exact meaning & an implied meaning. Be sure which meaning you intend to convey while using these words.

English Speaking Tip 63

Whenever possible use short words in your English speaking.

English Speaking Tip 64

Be careful in using slang. It’s meaning might be something very different than what you think it is!

English Speaking Tip 65

Be aware of wordiness. Wordiness means using way more words than needed. Here, think of word economy  & act accordingly.

English Speaking Tip 66

Avoid repetition of words or sentences. This makes your speaking boring & tiresome to listen.

English Speaking Tip 67

Learning to speak effectively is  a lifelong study. Because speaking is one of the decisive factors in success. The way we talk, day after day, does matter.

English Speaking Tip 68

When you are in any important situation (such as with boss or clients), how you say what you have to say, and how you listen, have as much to do with your success as the knowledge & credentials you have.

English Speaking Tip 69

The secret of being good at speaking is focus on other person. Do it &you’ll be more interesting.

English Speaking Tip 70

If you want to speak so that people will do what you wish, then concentrate on the other man.

English Speaking Tip 71

Speaking consists of only 2 parts. One-selecting proper words & phrases. & Two – effectively combining & arranging these words in sentences & larger units of thoughts.

English Speaking Tip 72

Take an actual inventory of your vocabulary. How many words do you know? How many words do you use actually? Check it at least once a year.


We wish you all the best. Use these tips & improve your English Speaking.