In one other article, weve seen various English speaking books that are available today. But when we try to search for English Speaking Courses in Marathi, then we fine none. Expect our Marathi to English Speaking Home Study Course.
Many times Ive thought about this. Why there are so many books but not a single course expect mine?
Then one day, surprisingly, the answers came from one of our course users. She send me in email describing why she liked this English Speaking Course; what she learned & how she has improved her speaking.
Some of her points were fallows

  1. In all English speaking books Ive purchased, total focus & emphasis was on grammar. How to use grammatical rules etc.

This is kind of an easy job. Take any rule, give some examples & ask the reader to do it.
But this is not teaching How to speak English.
This is all about how to write grammatical English & improve your grammatical skills. yours is the real course Ive found that actually on How to use all this knowledge while Speaking with others.
Youve not written book; youve created a course. And frankly I had all this knowledge, but I never knew how to use very unique methods youve given does teach people how to actually Speak in English
After reading this part of the email, I was pleasantly surprised. because this is exactly what I had in my mind when I created this 1st English speaking Course in Marathi.
This will actually teach you how to take the knowledge you have of English Language & concert it into English Speaking. When you start speaking I feel that purpose is fulfilled in creating this English Speaking Course in Marathi language.