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1. Glasses, bowls, and plates are all ______.
2. You have a pair of these, on the sides of your
3. You can go there to see clowns, acrobats, and
4. Traveling by boat or ship.
5. A building where travelers can pay for lodging and
meals and other services.
6. To give consent.
7. Sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while
controlling its motions.
8. Seemingly uninterrupted.
9. “They ___ not going to win the game.”
10. The supports for a piece of furniture.
11. English, French, and Spanish are examples of
12. The mother of your father or mother.
13. Tables, couches, and chairs are all types of this.
14. “That new movie is going to be ______ than life!”
15. “To be the winner in a contest or competition,
you must have ______ the game.”
16. Any solid substance that is used as a source of
17. Very attractive; capturing interest; “There was
something inexpressibly ______ in his manner.”
18. A business that serves other businesses.
19. A small house with a single story.
20. Plural form of “pup.”
21. Before a dog can bury his bone, he must first
______ a hole.
22. By bad luck.
23. You have eight of these and two thumbs.
24. Past tense of “shoot.”