Emphasis is that quality of a composition which requires that each idea shall be given force appropriate to its importance. Emphasis is all-important in business writing. It places the idea before the reader in such a way that he must attend to it. Emphasis is the red ink, the italics, the nota dene, of expression. This quality is not always easily obtained and often comes indirectly.

The rampant orator, sawing the air and shouting himself hoarse, may leave less impression on his audience than does the quiet speaker who in a calm, conversational tone drives home his points with well-chosen and well-arranged remarks.

The still small voice ” was the voice of power. So in writing, simple, straightforward expression is usually most effective. Unusual expressions, red ink, underlining of words, italics, capitalization, and drawings have all a legitimate part in impressing the reader ; but belief in your ideas, careful thought, and everyday language will in most cases make the best impression. There are six important ways in which an idea may be emphasized :

1. By giving it large space, —saying much about it.
2. By placing it at the beginning, —talking about it first.
3. By placing it at the close, —using it as a conclusion.
4. By placing it in an unusual position, —giving it novelty.
5. By repetition, —making it echo and reecho.
6. By the use of an unusually apt expression.

Rajesh Gurule

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