I am hungry.
I haven’t had my breakfast yet.
I must eat something.
Where do you take your breakfast?
I take my breakfast at the City restaurant.
Come with me.
Let us have breakfast together.
Have you given your order?
No, I have not.
Let me have some oatmeal and cream, a Cup of coffee, hot rolls, and two fried eggs.
What will you have?
I would like to have an order of pork chops, a cup of black tea, an orator of griddle cakes, and some doughnuts.
Is there anything else you wish to have?
No, thank you, unless the other gentleman wishes to have something else.
No, thank you, I have had enough.
Has anybody taken your order?
Give me some milk and crackers, an order of buttered toast, and a cup of coffee.
Waiter, bring me a glass of water and a tea­ spoon, please.
What time is it?
It is almost time for dinner.
Do you want to have your dinner with me? Certainly.
I will be with you in five minutes.
I am ready.
Where shall we go?
Where do you take your dinner?
I usually go to the Dairy Lunch.
They serve good food there, and the prices are low, too.
Let us go there, then.
Waiter, hand me a bill of fare, please.
Do you serve a special dinner today? Yes, we do.
Here is the special dinner, chicken soup, roast chicken, green peas, coffee or tea, pie and pudding.
I don’t think I will have the special dinner.
Let me have some vegetable soup, an order of roast beef, baked potatoes, a side of beans, and a cup of coffee.
What will you have?
I will have some tomato soup, an order of roast lamb, boiled potatoes, and a cup of tea.
Bring me some crackers with the soup, too.
This meat is too tough.
Will you bring me a tender piece of meat? What will you have for dessert?
Have you any raisin pie this noon?
We have no raisin pie today.
We have apple, chocolate, lemon, orange, custard, cherry, and squash.
I will have a piece of lemon pie.
Will you have the same kind of pie?
No, I will have apple, and a glass of milk.
This milk is sour.
I would like to have it changed.
Do you serve any fruit here?
Yes, Sir, we have all kinds of fruits.
You will find a list of them on the bill of fare.
Let me have an orange and two bananas.
What will you have, George?
I will have some grapes.
Do you serve any drinks here?
No, Sir, we serve no drinks here.
Do you wish to have anything else?
Do you put up lunches to take out?
Yes, we do.
What will you have?
I would like to have two egg sandwiches, some buttered toast, and a piece of apple pie.
How much is it for the two of us?
One dollar and thirty-five cents with the lunch.
Please pay to the cashier.
Goodbye, George.
I shall see you tonight at supper.
What time do you take your supper?
I take my supper at half past six.
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