What are we going to have for supper, John?
I don’t know.
There isn’t a thing in the house.
We must buy something for tomorrow.
Telephone to the grocer to send us half a dozen eggs, a can of tomatoes, and a loaf of bread.
We’ll fry some eggs for supper.
Later I am going out to buy something for tomorrow.
You had better go now, because the store closes at six.
I am going as soon as I get ready.
The store does not close at six tonight.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
What do you have for meats today? Here is our special list for today: Leg of lamb
Lamb chops Native fowl Veal roasts Beef to roast Corned beef Hamburg steak Pig sausage Boiled ham Sirloin steak Native pork roast Fares of spring lamb, stew Bean pork Sliced bacon
I’ll have a pound of corned beef, and half a pound of boiled ham.
Do you keep fresh eggs here?
Yes, we do.
They are strictly fresh.
How much are they a dozen?
Twentysix cents a dozen; I also want some fish.
We have fresh mackerel, halibut, and salmon.
How much are they a pound?
Salmon fifteen cents a pound; mackerel eight cents a pound, and halibut” thirteen cents a pound.
Let me have a pound of mackerel, a pound of cheese, half a poured of butter, four pounds of rice, and one can of pork and beans.
Is there anything else you wish to have? I would like to buy many other things, but I can’t carry them home.
You buy what you want, and we’ll put them in a basket and send them to you before we close tonight.
Let me have three pounds of sugar, two boxes of matches, one pound of tea, one pound of coffee, two cans of condensed milk, one package of corn starch, half a pound of lard, a bag of flour, two loaves of bread, one gallon of kerosene oil, and three bars of soap.
To what address shall I send them? Send them to 42 Court Street.
What kind of pies do you have?
We have apple, cream, mince, raisin, squash, custard, chocolate, lemon, orange, cherry, pine­ apple, strawberry, and blueberry.
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