Do you speak English?
Yes, I speak a little, but not very much.
I don’t speak English very well.
Do you understand me when I speak?
Yes, I understand what you say, but I can’t answer you.It is very hard to speak the “English language.No,
The English language is very easy; you can learn how to speak if you’ try.
Do you go to the evening school?
No, I don’t go the evening school.
What do they do there?
In the evening school they teach you to read, write, and speak English.
Don’t lose time.
Go as soon as you can.
You can find a better job if you now English.
You will get more money if you know how to write English.
Where is the evening school?
It is on Washington Street.
This boy will show you where it is.
Get ready.
Put on your coat and hat and go.
Yes, sir.
I am going right off.
Good evening.
Is this the principal of the evening school? Yes, sir, this is Mr. Ones, the principal of the school.
I want to come to school.
I wish to learn English Very well, Come here.
What is your name?
My name is George Tipoff.
How do you spell your last name?
How old are you?
I am twentyone years old.
Where do you live?
I live on Chestnut Street.
What is your nationality?
I am Russian.
How long have you been in this country?
I have been in this country terraria months’Here is your book, Mr. Tipoff.
Mr.Brooks will be your teacher.
Go upstairs to room number five.
Give this card to Mr. Brooks.
Thank you, sir.
Good evening.
Is this Mr. Brooks?
Yes, this is Mr. Brooks.
Mr. Ones sent me here.
I want to come to school.
Have you a registration card?
Yes, here it is.
Sit down.
Here is your book, paper, and pencil.
Open your book to page eleven.
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