Will you please tell me where the General Post Office is?
Yes, sir.
It is on Chestnut Street between High and Pine Streets.
If you want to go by car, the King Street car will take you there in three minutes.
Thank you, sir.
Register this letter, please.
Fifteen cents.
Here is your receipt.
May I have a special delivery stamp, please? Here is a special delivery stamp for you.
Give me a money order blank, please.
Do you want a domestic money order, or a foreign?
I want a foreign money order.
For what country?
For Russia.
Here is a money order blank written in Russian.
Can you read Russian?
I want a domestic money order blank, too.
You will find one on the desk.
What shall I write on it?
Write your name, the amount of money you are sending, and the name of the Person to whom you are sending the money, with his address.
May I have a receipt for this, please? Here is your receipt.
As the mailman come yet?
No, he has not come.
He is a little late today.
Oh, here he comes.
Ask him if he has a letter for me.
Any letter for me?
What is your name?
My name is John Smith.
Nothing for you today.
Is there a letter for George Blacken? Yes, here is a registered letter for him.
Where is he now?
He is in the house.
Do you want me to all him?
He must sign before I give him the letter.
There is a registered letter for you in the post office.
Is there a registered letter for Brown? Yes, there is one, but you must prove your identity before I give you the letter.
Do you know anybody in this city who can identify you?
I don’t know anybody.
I am a stranger in this city.
Here are some old letters addressed to me.
You can see my name on the envelope.
Very well, sir.
This will do.
Sign your name here.
I want to change my address.
Will you give me a blank form?
Please forward my letters to this address.
Weigh this letter, please.
Three cents.
Give me one twocent stamp.
Give me three twocent stamps.
Give me one fivecent stamp.
Give me two onecent stamps.
Give me five postal cards.
Here is a package for you.
Weigh this parcel, please.
I want to rent a box for my letters you can get your letters in a box, or you can get them here at the general delivery window.
I had better have my letters come to my house.
It is too far to go to the post office.
Mail these letters for me.
Money order department.
Registry and stamp department.
General delivery.
Valuable letters and parcels should be sent by registered mail.
Parcel post packages.
Postal money order.
Domestic money order.
Valuable mail should be registered or insured.
Receipts showing delivery will be returned to senders of registered mail, if requested at the time of mailing.
Postmaster’s office.
Postal savings.
Carrier’s delivery.
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