Will you please tell me where the Central Wharf is?
It is on Bates Street.
Go up straight as far as that white house, then turn to your left and go straight ahead until you reach the pier.
I thank you, sir.
I am very much obliged to you.
Is this the steamship office?
Yes, sir this is the steamer for New York.
What time does the steamboat leave?
It leaves at seven o’clock sharp.
The weather is good, and I think we shall start at seven o’clock sharp.
What is the fare to New York?
Five dollars.
Give me one ticket.
Can I buy a return ticket?
Yes, it will cost you eight dollars.
That way you save two dollars.
Let me have a return ticket.
Give me a state room, too.
What do you charge for the state room? Two dollars for an outside room, one dollar and seventy-five cents for an inside room.
It is too much.
I can’t afford it.
I think I shall go downstairs in the cabin.
What is the fare for second class?
Three dollars.
I would like to travel first class, but the fare is too high.
If you can’t afford it, you can travel third class.
All right.
Give me a steerage ticket.
Where is the captain?
I want to see hint about my trunk.
You can check your trunk here.
Do you have a suit-case with you?
If you have one, bring it to the baggage room.
They don’t charge you anything for it.
Can I have my supper on board?
Yes, there is a dining-room on the steamer.
You can have your meals at the regular hours.
Breakfast is served from seven to nine; dinner from twelve to two, and supper from half-past five to seven.
It is seven o’clock, and the whistle has not blown yet.
What is the trouble?
We shall not start before ten o’clock.
The weather is stormy.
The wind is strong.
Perhaps we shall not start before morning.
Oh, there goes the whistle! Hear the man calling “All aboard” We are off.
It is only half -past nine.
I am afraid it will.
Be stormy on the way.
The worst of it is •that I get sea- sick.
I don’t see how I can stand it.Well, go to sleep, and you will be all right in the morning.
We reach New York tomorrow afternoon at half-past five.
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