Speaking In English about The Weather

Good morning, George.

This is fine weather.
Yes, it is a fine day.
We had a beautiful day yesterday.
I shall have some show very soon.
How is the weather?
It is a little better now.
It was a terrible risotto we had yesterday.
We need the rain.
We haven’t had rain for two months.
Did you see the weather bullet this morning?
Yes, I Jot it while I was passing by the square.
The bulletin says that we shall have warm weather today and tomorrow, with a light breeze in the evening.
It was cold this morning.
If is getting warmer now.
How is the weather, John?
Is it raining or snowing?
It was pound hard about an hour ago, but it is ling now.
H looks as though we were going to have a shower.
Do you feel cold, George?
Yes, I am frozen to death.
I am going in to get warmed up a little.
Everything is frozen.
I think we shall have a snow storm.
Too bad
We cannot skate if it snows.
No fear of that.
The weather is getting milder.
So much.
The worse.
Mild weather means that we are going to have snow.
What is the weather forecast?
I don’t know.
I haven’t seen the newspaper today.
Here is one.
Let us see at is windy.
The weather is very nestle now.
It may clear up later.
We expect this kind of weather in the fall.
It is damp.
It is foggy.
It is misty.
It hails.
It thunders.
It lightens.
The sun is coming out.
The ice is melting fast.
It will be muddy after the ice melts.
It is getting dark.
We must go.
It is daylight yet.
We have full moon this week.
The thermometer at my window registered five below zero this morning.
Quite different from mine.
My thermometer registered two above zero at nine o’clock.
The sun rises in the East.
The sun sets in the West.
The wind “blows from the North.
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