Confident Grammar

Price – Rs. 970/-
Forget all your worries & use Grammar confidently.
We all worry about grammar. Am I using it properly or not? or What if I make a grammatical mistake & others will laugh at me?
Now you can forget about all this!
Presenting Confident Grammar
The Confident Grammar course is designed specially
– To help you understand purpose of grammar in English language
– To help you reduce grammatical mistakes. &
– Use grammar confidently while speaking in English.
This is what you want, right?
Content of the course

  1. Myths of Grammar Part 1.
  2. Prepositions.
  3. Pronouns.
  4. Auxiliary Verbs

Part 2 Tense

  1. Simple Present Tense.
  2. Simple Past Tense.
  3. Simple Future Tense.
  4. Continuous Present Tense.
  5. Continuous Past Tense.
  6. Continuous Future Tense.
  7. Have Has Had.

Part 3

  1. Big Sentences
  2. Auxiliary Questions
  3. Wh-Questions
  4. Perfect Present Tense
  5. Perfect Past Tense
  6. Perfect Future Tense
  7. Perfect Continuous Present Tense
  8. Perfect Continuous Past Tense