Tips to Learn English Speaking In Marathi

This article is a work-in-progress. I am giving you many Tips to Learn English Speaking In Marathi. But I plan to keep on adding to these regularly.

So lets start with volume of English Speaking tips. These all are small, byte sized tips. The purpose is it is easy to understand small things more than that these are easy to implement so you shall benefit in your English Speaking process.

English Speaking tip 1

  1. Just Speak it! ( Like Nikes Just do it!)
  2. Practice Speaking English.
  3. Watch at least one English more an cable every week.
  4. Learn to listen-properly.
  5. Dont read National English Newspaper.
  6. Read local English Newspaper.
  7. Watch cartoon Channel in English.
  8. Speak with telecallers in English.
  9. In mobile, keep & listen to English material.
  10. Get on of your friend to do practice.
  11. First, speak about those things you are familiar with.
  12. While traveling keep on thinking about some topic in English.

English Speaking Classes & Courses in Marathi

In one other article, weve seen various English speaking books that are available today. But when we try to search for English Speaking Courses in Marathi, then we fine none. Expect our Marathi to English Speaking Home Study Course.

Many times Ive thought about this. Why there are so many books but not a single course expect mine?

Then one day, surprisingly, the answers came from one of our course users. She send me in email describing why she liked this English Speaking Course; what she learned & how she has improved her speaking.

Some of her points were fallows

  1. In all English speaking books Ive purchased, total focus & emphasis was on grammar. How to use grammatical rules etc.

This is kind of an easy job. Take any rule, give some examples & ask the reader to do it.

But this is not teaching How to speak English.

This is all about how to write grammatical English & improve your grammatical skills. yours is the real course Ive found that actually on How to use all this knowledge while Speaking with others.

Youve not written book; youve created a course. And frankly I had all this knowledge, but I never knew how to use very unique methods youve given does teach people how to actually Speak in English

After reading this part of the email, I was pleasantly surprised. because this is exactly what I had in my mind when I created this 1st English speaking Course in Marathi.

This will actually teach you how to take the knowledge you have of English Language & concert it into English Speaking. When you start speaking I feel that purpose is fulfilled in creating this English Speaking Course in Marathi language.

Fundamental Concepts to Learn English Speaking

Here we shall see the Learn English Speaking most important thing that is required for Learn English Speaking. If you have everything else but do to passes this then you will find it VERY difficult to Learn English Speaking.

And I am going to reveal this fundamental concept to you right here, right now. But before that you must understand a couple of things. Because these are essential.

One, I am telling you this from my own experience & my experiments while teaching learning English Speaking my way is not THE ONLY way. There might be many other ways by which people learn to speak English. I dont know about any other thing that helps you, as much as the concept I am going to reveal. So either you can take it or you can leave it.

Secondly, remember that most basic, most fundamental & moat important things are simple! Always. So you must believe in me when I am telling you that this is THE fundamental concept everyone must master to speak English.

Now before revealing the ultimate factor is speaking English, Lets take a quiz. Ill ask you questions & see if you can guess the correct answer to it.

I have listed 5 things below. You have to chose one fundamental thing that is necessary for you to speak English with anyone anywhere.

Be careful.

And remember that 99% of people make mistake in closing the right answer to this question. So lets see, if you get it right or not.

You have to pick one thing. Heres the list

  1. perfect Grammar
  2. Confidence to Speak
  3. Practice in Speaking
  4. Good reading
  5. Proper Education is school/college

So Here are the five things. And only one of these in critical for you Learn English Speaking.

Which one is it?

Take a piece of paper & write your answer on it. OR simply keep it in your mind.

Its time to reveal the most fundamental thing needed for Learn English Speaking.

If you guessed that it no.5, or no.3, then you are wrong.

It is the confidence to speak. This is the answer to all of your Learn English Speaking Problems.

Just try to have everything except confidence. And youll find that you dont or you cant Speak. But if you have confidence then even though your grammar is NOT perfect, still you could Speak in English with others.

I am assuming here that you do have basic knowledge of English language. So once you have it, then confidence is the thing that helps you greatly in speaking English.

Always remember that.

Benefits of English Speaking Course

India is developing country but compared to other countries in the world. English is used at very big level. In government works, in private sectors, education & business everywhere English is used extensively.

Maharashtra is one of the leading state in India. The rate with which it is growing is really astonishing. So obviously English is used in every sector. In the past, it was matter of pride if you could speak in English. But now since last many years it has become the necessity. Because if you cannot converse or communicate verbally in English. Then you have great many disadvantages. You are bound to lose many opportunities. Many-a-times, your career halts because of your inability to speak in English.

But there is very bright side also to this. If & when you learn English Speaking & start using it is your conversation, in your profession & in your daily life, you start enjoying the benefits. Here we are going to see only few of the major benefits that you get by being able to speak in English in state of Maharashtrian.

The very first benefit we enjoy is indirectly related to our careers. Because of internet, the whole world has come very close. In the past if one wanted to give interview in another city, he had to travel physically to that particular city. But if you are really good in English Speaking, then you can do the same interview from your home through internet. And if everything is at per, then your ability to communicate in English separates you from other competing candidates. And only based a that you can get good job opportunity.

The second benefit is lots & lots of opportunities come your way if you are good in English Speaking. Even though you living in some abuser village, but because of your communication skills in English, you can work for any national or even multinational company, many software, 17, India companies are hiring local talented people. These companies want them to work from their homes in their own towns or cities. In fact many companies are encouraging this trend. The only catch is your English communication bath written & verbal must be good. If you fit in hat criteria, then you are ready to English Speaking Course.

The third benefit you can enjoy greatly if you want to work as a free lancer. So many people now are working from their homes as Free lancer that it is really surprising. But again only on one condition your English communication & English Speaking Course. But if you are good at it, then whole world becomes your market-place.

These are the three major benefits you get by being able to Speak in English. When you are living in Maharashtra.

Losses Of Not being able to Speak in English

English has become a major language force in todays world. Its true that every country has its own language & derivatives, but one can not done & ignore the importance of English. If one can read & write English, that is not enough. He must be able to Speak in English.

Here we shall see what losses we have to face if we cant speak in English confidently. In India, English has become major language in Higher Educational studies. It is the only language in which all fallowing fields knowledge is available

  • medical
  • Engineering
  • Computer software
  • Computer Hardware
  • Bio-Technology

So if we cant Speak in English, then a daily, we face problems. When every other person is Speaking in English & you are not, then it creates many problematic situations for you. You cant communicate & express your thoughts & ideas with others effectively. So the end result is that others think you lack the knowledge. That results in lack of progress for your career. It kind of get stalled. Because in todays world perception is everything.

If people think of you as a good presenter with lots of ideas, then your progress becomes much smoother & faster. When they think you dont have knowledge or you cannot present your knowledge, then your progress becomes slower, much slower.

Second major loss you have to face is less of your confidence. Its kind of vicious cycle.

  • You dont have confidence,
  • So you dont Speak.&
  • Therefore you dont get confidence And it keeps on going.

The worst part is this lack of confidence penetrates into other areas of your areas. You start facing problems in professional, social & personal life, too. You get detached from your successful colleagues & friends. Because you cant use the language that they use so easily. Your social circle get limited to only those who speak your language.

Automatically it put limits on the growth you are going to achieve in your life & career.

Many a times, your personal life get affected. You become more irritated & ideal us of others. You think that you deserve that success & that promotion. But your collogues got that. And you keep on resending that fact.

If you really decide then you can stop all these things occurring in your life. By learning to Speak English confidently. Work on it. It will take 3-6 months if you have basic knowledge of the language. Initially you may have to work harder. But as you will start at Speaking, Youll feel good.

So if you want to avoid all above mentioned losses, then start learning English Speaking today.

How much grammar you must know for Spoken English

English has become a prominent Language of communication in India. In state of Maharashtra, too, it has been actively penetrating areas. even though Marathi Speaking will never go away, Maharashtrian people are paying the much needed attention in developing their English Speaking ability. Here, well see what are the basic things you need to speak in English confident.

The very first thing is obviously knowledge of Spoken English. This includes some essentialSpoken English Grammar. Because grammar helps in structuring the sentences together. Many Marathi Speaking people have wrong impression that their grammar should be perfect and only then they should speak in English. Because of this misconception most of them never try to use English for their verbal communication.

This situation is really sad. All these people have very good reading & writing skills. If you ask them to read or write anything on any topic, you will be surprised with the results. Thats how good they are!

But ask them to reply to a simple question in English and again youll be surprised. They wont be able to answer.

Their happens because of their over emphasis on being perfect in grammar. Dont get me wrong. Grammar is very essential. It is base of any language in cluding English. So everyone who wants to speak in English must know & understand it.

The problem starts occurring when the person under importance to error less grammar. It grows to such a level that he becomes paralyzed because of it. Instead of getting help from his existing knowledge of grammar, he focuses on those parts which he is not getting right. So the ultimate result is he avoids Speaking in English.

There is a solution this nagging problem. It has worked for me and thousands of others, who wanted to Speak English confidently. Most probably it should work for you, too. But you must implement & take action on the things that I am going to share with you here, today.

If you dont know any part ofSpoken English grammar, then first thing you need to do is learn it. Take any elementary grammar book & study it.

Within a month, you will have good grasp of the main & broad parts of English grammar.

Practice the various exercises given in that book. I hope you can get such book easily almost anywhere.

Once you get quite proficient in basic concepts, then focus on using that knowledge in understanding structure of sentences.

After all, when we Speak it is collection of small or long sentences. The more you focus on improving your sentence structure, the faster youll reach to your goal of Speaking confidently in English.

Do this. Take action.