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Dialogues you use while speaking in English at- The Post Office

Will you please tell me where the General Post Office is? Yes, sir. It is on Chestnut Street between High and Pine Streets. If you want to go by car, the King Street car will take you there in three minutes. Thank you, sir. Register this letter, please. Fifteen cents....

Dialogues While Speaking in English in Dental clinic

Dialogues While Speaking in English in Dental clinic

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  • Is this the dentist’s office.
  • Yes, sir
  • Walk right in
  • Take a chair
  • The doctor will be in a moment.
  • Please let me see him at once.
  • I have a terrible toothache.
  • I can’t stand it any longer.
  • Wait, I will see if the doctor is busy.
  • How do you do, doctor?
  • I wish to have a tooth pulled.
  • It pains me terribly.
  • I could not sleep at all last night.
  • Sit down and let me look at it.
  • Which one is it?
  • This one?
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  • No, the next one.
  • Is it the one that has the cavity?
  • Yes, that’s the one.
  • All right.
  • Do you want to take gas?
  • No, I can stand the pain for a second.
  • Rinse out your mouth.
  • I also wish to have a tooth filled.
  • What kind of filling do you want?
  • You can have it filled with gold, silver, or
  • cement.
  • Gold filling will last you longer.
  • How much will it cost?
  • It will cost you three dollars.
  • You see, I have to kill the nerve first, and
  • then fill the tooth.
  • I cannot stop now.
  • Can I make an appointment with you?
  • Yes, when can you come?
  • I can come any time tomorrow forenoon.
  • All right, then you may come at nine
  • o’clock.
  • I wish to have my teeth cleaned.
  • How much do you charge for cleaning
  • teeth?
  • One dollar for cleaning teeth.
  • Where are you going, John?
  • I am going to the dentist.
  • I must have a crown put on my tooth.
  • Let me see it.
  • It is of no use to have a crown on that tooth.
  • It is decayed.
  • The thing you need is a Set of teeth, or you
  • can have a false tooth put in the place of
  • that decayed one. I don’t know what to do.
  • I think I will ask the doctor about it.Download this link – Dialogues you Use While Speaking in English inDental clinic

Dialogues You use while speaking in English in Grocery Store

What are we going to have for supper, John?

I don’t know.

There isn’t a thing in the house.

We must buy something for tomorrow.

Telephone to the grocer to send us half a dozen eggs, a can of tomatoes, and a loaf of bread.

We’ll fry some eggs for supper.

Later I am going out to buy something for tomorrow.

You had better go now, because the store closes at six.

I am going as soon as I get ready.

The store does not close at six tonight.

Tomorrow is Sunday.

What do you have for meats today? Here is our special list for today: Leg of lamb

Lamb chops Native fowl Veal roasts Beef to roast Corned beef Hamburg steak Pig sausage Boiled ham Sirloin steak Native pork roast Fares of spring lamb, stew Bean pork Sliced bacon

I’ll have a pound of corned beef, and half a pound of boiled ham.

Do you keep fresh eggs here?

Yes, we do.

They are strictly fresh.

How much are they a dozen?

Twentysix cents a dozen; I also want some fish.

We have fresh mackerel, halibut, and salmon.

How much are they a pound?

Salmon fifteen cents a pound; mackerel eight cents a pound, and halibut” thirteen cents a pound.

Let me have a pound of mackerel, a pound of cheese, half a poured of butter, four pounds of rice, and one can of pork and beans.

Is there anything else you wish to have? I would like to buy many other things, but I can’t carry them home.

You buy what you want, and we’ll put them in a basket and send them to you before we close tonight.

Let me have three pounds of sugar, two boxes of matches, one pound of tea, one pound of coffee, two cans of condensed milk, one package of corn starch, half a pound of lard, a bag of flour, two loaves of bread, one gallon of kerosene oil, and three bars of soap.

To what address shall I send them? Send them to 42 Court Street.

What kind of pies do you have?

We have apple, cream, mince, raisin, squash, custard, chocolate, lemon, orange, cherry, pine apple, strawberry, and blueberry.

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Dialogues You use while speaking in English At House

Will you please tell me where I can find the janitor?

Yes, he lives upstairs on the second floor.

His name is Mr. Cook.

Good afternoon.

Is this Mr. Cook?

Yes, this is Mr. Cook.

I read in today’s paper that you have some furnished rooms to rent.

May I see them?

Yes, come right in.

This is one of the rooms.

We charge for these two and a half dollars a week.

It is a front room and well furnished.

Let me show you the other room.

This is one dollar and seventyfive cents a week.

It isn’t a front room, but you get the sun all the after noon, and you have just as many conveniences as in the other room.

How is the room heated?

There is no steam heat on this floor, but you can heat the room with gas.

Have you any rooms to let on the first floor?

Yes, I have one, but I am afraid the rent will be too high for you.

Will you please let me?

See the room on the first floor?

Come, we will go downstairs to see it.

This is the room.

The rent is three dollars and twentyfive cents a week, but you have the use of the parlor.

You can receive visitors in the parlor.

You have the use of the piano and of the telephone.

Here is a closet for your clothes.

How is the room lighted?

It is lighted with electricity, and is heated with steam heat.

Do you think you can afford to pay three dollars and twentyfive cents for your room?

The room is large enough for two.

If you c n get one of your friends to room with you, the rent will not be so high.

How much do you charge when two persons have the room?

The rent for two is four dollars.

If I can find someone else to room with me, I will have this room, but if I can’t find anybody, I am afraid I shall have to look around for another room.

Would you like to have a room on the third floor?

I have one room that you can have for one dollar and twentyfive cents.

It isn’t a very large room, but it is pleasant and comfortable.

Let me see the room, please.

Here it is.

It is not fixed yet, but I shall have it ready by this afternoon.

I have to bring in the furniture from downstairs.

There are no electric lights in this room.

You have to use a lamp.

You heat the room with gas.

Can you give me a double bed?

I cannot sleep in a single bed.

I haven’t any other bed now, but if you wait a day or two, I can give you a double one.

I would like to have one more pillow, a bureau, two windowshades, and a blanket.

Very well, I will have them ready this afternoon.

Here is the key to the room.

This key here opens the front door downstairs.

Shall I pay the rent now?

Yes, please.

I like to have the rent paid in advance.

Thank you.

May I know what your name is?

My name is George Brett.

I work in the Olivet shoefactory.

Good morning, George.

I want to rent a house, and I don’t know where to look for it.

Do you know of anyone who wants to let a house?

Do you want to rent a whole house, or a floor?

Well, I don’t know yet.

I would like to rent a whole house if I can, but, of course, I may have to rent a flat.

I don’t know of anyone who wants to rent a house now but we can look in today’s paper and see if we can find one.

Sometimes you find a good house through the paper.

Here is the advertisement page to let

Here is a tenement of five root son Chapel Street.

Another one of four rooms on Spring Street.

There is another tenement of seven rooms on Spruce Street.

Do you like any one of these?

The tenement on Spring Street ought to be a good one, I don’t like that.

It is too small.

We are a family of six, and need a large house.

The tenement on Spruce Street may be a good one.

I like the location, too.

I will go and see it.

Good bye, George.

Thank you for your help.

Is this the landlady?

Yes, this is Mrs. Brown, the landlady.

I saw in the paper that you wish to rent a tenement in this house.

Yes, I have a tenement here.

Come right in, and let us go up and see it.

There are seven rooms in all, a dining room, a parlor, three bed rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.

You have all the conveniences here.

Electric lights, steam heat, hot water, hardwood floors, bath, window shades, a large shed in the yard, and you can use part of the cellar if you wish.

Every room is clean, free of bedbugs, and well lighted.

How much do you charge for rent?

The rent is eighteen dollars a month; Very well, Mrs. Brown.

This tenement suits me.

When can I move in?

You can move any time tomorrow.

The rooms will be ready this afternoon.

What is the arrangement about the rent?

The rent must be paid in advance on the first day of every month.

You can pay now or you may pay when you move in tomorrow.

I have not enough money with me to pay you today, but I will pay you tomorrow.

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Dialogues you use while speaking in English at- The Post Office

Will you please tell me where the General Post Office is?

Yes, sir.

It is on Chestnut Street between High and Pine Streets.

If you want to go by car, the King Street car will take you there in three minutes.

Thank you, sir.

Register this letter, please.

Fifteen cents.

Here is your receipt.

May I have a special delivery stamp, please? Here is a special delivery stamp for you.

Give me a money order blank, please.

Do you want a domestic money order, or a foreign?

I want a foreign money order.

For what country?

For Russia.

Here is a money order blank written in Russian.

Can you read Russian?

I want a domestic money order blank, too.

You will find one on the desk.

What shall I write on it?

Write your name, the amount of money you are sending, and the name of the Person to whom you are sending the money, with his address.

May I have a receipt for this, please? Here is your receipt.

As the mailman come yet?

No, he has not come.

He is a little late today.

Oh, here he comes.

Ask him if he has a letter for me.

Any letter for me?

What is your name?

My name is John Smith.

Nothing for you today.

Is there a letter for George Blacken? Yes, here is a registered letter for him.

Where is he now?

He is in the house.

Do you want me to all him?


He must sign before I give him the letter.

There is a registered letter for you in the post office.

Is there a registered letter for Brown? Yes, there is one, but you must prove your identity before I give you the letter.

Do you know anybody in this city who can identify you?

I don’t know anybody.

I am a stranger in this city.

Here are some old letters addressed to me.

You can see my name on the envelope.

Very well, sir.

This will do.

Sign your name here.

I want to change my address.

Will you give me a blank form?

Please forward my letters to this address.

Weigh this letter, please.

Three cents.

Give me one twocent stamp.

Give me three twocent stamps.

Give me one fivecent stamp.

Give me two onecent stamps.

Give me five postal cards.

Here is a package for you.

Weigh this parcel, please.

I want to rent a box for my letters you can get your letters in a box, or you can get them here at the general delivery window.

I had better have my letters come to my house.

It is too far to go to the post office.

Mail these letters for me.

Money order department.

Registry and stamp department.

General delivery.

Valuable letters and parcels should be sent by registered mail.

Parcel post packages.

Postal money order.

Domestic money order.

Valuable mail should be registered or insured.

Receipts showing delivery will be returned to senders of registered mail, if requested at the time of mailing.

Postmaster’s office.

Postal savings.

Carrier’s delivery.

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Dialogues you use while Speaking in English at- The Railway Station

I am a stranger in this city.

I don’t know where I am now.

I can’t leave town unless I know where the railroad station is.

There is a policeman.

I am going to find out from him.

Will you please tell me where the depot is? We have three railroad stations in this town.

Where do you want to go?

I want to go to Boston.

You can’t take a train to Boston before four o’clock.

You just missed the ten-thirty train.

Don’t you have a timetable with you?

No, I have no timetable with me.

Do you know where I can get one?

Let us go to that hotel there, and see if they have one.

Oh, I forgot you’ll find the time table in the morning paper.

I have a morning paper here.

Let us see.

Train service from Spring Street station.

There is a train for Boston at 6.55 am express at 9.55 am, local at 10.30 am, express at 12.10 pm, local at 4.03 p.m., express for Boston.

I think I’ll wait and take the four-three train this afternoon.

How can I reach the station from here? Take the Orchard car from here; ask the conductor to give you a transfer for Spring Street.

Get off at the corner of High and Spring Streets.

Take a Spring Street car, and that will take you to the depot.

Thank you very much.

Welcome sir.

Spring Street station.

Here it is.

At last I have found it.

I have no time to lose.

I must buy my ticket, check my trunk, and have something to eat before I go.

What time does the next train leave for Boston?

At four- three.

Let me have one ticket.

Three dollars and ten cents.

I wonder if my trunk is here.

Oh, here it is.I must check it.

Check this trunk, please.

Where is your ticket?

I must weigh that trunk.

I think you’ll have to pay excess money for it.

It weighs more than the limit.

How much more do I have to pay?


Now I can eat something.

It is only twenty minutes to four.

I have twenty-three minutes more.

Information bureau Baggage room Parcel room Track Number 3 Ticketoffice Passengers are forbid den to stand on this platform for men for women Look out Danger Railroad crossing Look out for the engine Waitingroom.

No spitting on the floor When you are at the railroad station, and are in doubt about the arrival and departure of your train, always go and ask someone in the in formation bureau about it.

Buy your ticket before you check your trunk.

When you check your trunk, have your ticket with you.

In a large city, when you buy your ticket, al ways ask the man in charge of the ticketoffice for the number of the track on which your train is found.

This will save you much trouble.

When does the next train leave for New York?

At twelve o’clock.

Is it an express, or a local?

Is it a through train to New York?

It is a local.

You change at springfield.

There is no express train before five o’clock.

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