Remember Arnold? The Hollywood famous?
From Terminator movie series?
His last name is Schwarzenegger.
Can you spell it correctly? Can you even pronounce it correctly?
I can not. But that doesn’t stop me from
– Watching & enjoying his movies
– Pronouncing his name – incorrectly
– Spreading his name to people & know
And I think He – The Terminator – also doesn’t care.
After all these years. I, too, don’t care.
The same is with English speaking.
If you can not speak – Nobody cares – except you!
So if Nobody is going to care anyway – why not start speaking?
It may be not perfect. . . .
It may be not grammatically correct . . .
It may be not very polished . . .
But It would definitely help you. I guarantee.
Do it. Do it today, keep on doing it!!!

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Photo by EraPhernalia Vintage . . . [”playin’ hook-y”] ;o
Photo by mandiberg