“What is Business English?”.


There is no such thing as Business English. English is English is English. Use it anywhere. But when it comes to business, certain thing changes. Business itself is complex. Business communication even more!

To use English language effectively, you must learn it properly. That is the purpose of this course. You’ll learn – ?    Some interesting words & how to use them ?    Improving your pronunciation ?    Similar words but different meanings ?    More that 107 exercises to practice ?    How to impress others with proper English. ?    Easy to learn spelling rules ?    Situational English – Through various Business situations ?    The easiest way to understand 100s of words in a minute ?    How to write so that others do what you ?    Want them to do & many more things. Strictly for Business people, Executives & Managers Get this today.

2 Manual + 8 Audio CDs Price – Rs, 1,970