India is developing country but compared to other countries in the world. English is used at very big level. In government works, in private sectors, education & business everywhere English is used extensively.
Maharashtra is one of the leading state in India. The rate with which it is growing is really astonishing. So obviously English is used in every sector. In the past, it was matter of pride if you could speak in English. But now since last many years it has become the necessity. Because if you cannot converse or communicate verbally in English. Then you have great many disadvantages. You are bound to lose many opportunities. Many-a-times, your career halts because of your inability to speak in English.
But there is very bright side also to this. If & when you learn English Speaking & start using it is your conversation, in your profession & in your daily life, you start enjoying the benefits. Here we are going to see only few of the major benefits that you get by being able to speak in English in state of Maharashtrian.
The very first benefit we enjoy is indirectly related to our careers. Because of internet, the whole world has come very close. In the past if one wanted to give interview in another city, he had to travel physically to that particular city. But if you are really good in English Speaking, then you can do the same interview from your home through internet. And if everything is at per, then your ability to communicate in English separates you from other competing candidates. And only based a that you can get good job opportunity.
The second benefit is lots & lots of opportunities come your way if you are good in English Speaking. Even though you living in some abuser village, but because of your communication skills in English, you can work for any national or even multinational company, many software, 17, India companies are hiring local talented people. These companies want them to work from their homes in their own towns or cities. In fact many companies are encouraging this trend. The only catch is your English communication bath written & verbal must be good. If you fit in hat criteria, then you are ready to English Speaking Course.
The third benefit you can enjoy greatly if you want to work as a free lancer. So many people now are working from their homes as Free lancer that it is really surprising. But again only on one condition your English communication & English Speaking Course. But if you are good at it, then whole world becomes your market-place.
These are the three major benefits you get by being able to Speak in English. When you are living in Maharashtra.