What time is it, please?

 It is ten o’clock.

 It is twenty minutes past ten.

 It is half-past ten.

 It is twenty minutes to eleven.

 It is quarter past two.

 What time does the train leave?

 It leaves at even fifty.

  You are mistaken.

 It leaves twenty­ five.

  It soon.

 It is afternoon.

 What time is it by your watch?

 My watch has stopped.

 I forgot to wind it.

 My watch goes fast.

 It does not keep good time.

 Mine goes slow.

 I don’t know what the matter with it is.

 It is five minutes slow now.

 I must have it fixed.

 Do you have an alarm clock?

 Yes, I have an alarm clock.

 Set the 9 o’clock for half-past five.

 What time do you have your breakfast?

 I have my breakfast at six o’clock, my dinner at twelve, and my supper at six.

 There are four seasons in one year.

 Name the four seasons.

 Spring, summer, Autumn-Fall, winter.

 One year has twelve months.

  A month has four weeks.

 Next year is a year.

 Can you name months of the year? January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August,   September, October, November, December.

 Name the days of the week.

 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

 What day is it today?

 Today is Wednesday.

 What is the date today?

 Today is the twelfth of January.

 Hat day of the month is it today?

 Today is the twentieth of August.

 How long have you been here?

 I have been here’ two months.

 I came to this town two weeks ago.

 I came here a week ago yesterday.

 I am going away the day after tomorrow.

 I came home ten days to Boston last night.

 At going to New York next week.

 A week from today I shall be home

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