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Yes. I want to speak in English

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Can you spell Arnold’s last name correctly

Remember Arnold? The Hollywood famous?
From Terminator movie series?
His last name is Schwarzenegger.

Can you spell it correctly? Can you even pronounce it correctly?

I can not. But that doesn’t stop me from
– Watching & enjoying his movies
– Pronouncing his name – incorrectly
– Spreading his name to people & know

And I think He – The Terminator – also doesn’t care.

After all these years. I, too, don’t care.

The same is with English speaking.
If you can not speak – Nobody cares – except you!

So if Nobody is going to care anyway – why not start speaking?

It may be not perfect. . . .
It may be not grammatically correct . . .
It may be not very polished . . .

But It would definitely help you. I guarantee.

Do it. Do it today, keep on doing it!!!

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Yes. I want to speak in English

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Knowledge & Talent is not enough


Today, I’ll let you in on one of the greatest secret of being successful.

If you grasp it, implement it & be consistent about it, then you will be very much successful.

If not then you’ll find life filled with struggles.

Are you ready for it?

Ok. So here it is –
“Knowledge & Talent alone is not enough. You must be able to empress it at proper time.”

That’s it. That’s the secret.

I’ll explain.

Suppose you are the best person for doing certain job in your office or company. You know it, your boss know it & whole company
know it.

Your boss asks you to make a simple but effective presentation. He wants to make it clear to everybody that you have knowledge & talent for this new responsibilities.

There are 2 persons going to present. You & your other colleague or competitor.

The time comes.

You go there &, sadly, You are not able to give proper presentation.

The reasons could be many
– You could not speak in front of a group
– You are not confident or
– Your English Speaking is not good

It may be anything.

But the end result is same.

You don’t get the new job, new responsibility, & promotion. Although, you are more talented & more knowledgeable then the other person.

Still – he get the job. Because he could present in English in front of others.

This same scenario is repeated in thousands offices everyday!

Actually, the solution is pretty simple.

Start expressing & presenting yourself in effective manner, & Start Speaking in English.

Our course will help you in speaking English. Get more details at http://www.marathi2englishspeaking.com

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Yes. I want to speak in English

No Need To Go to New York To Speak In English


Recently I saw a movie ‘English-Vinglish’ starring veteran actress Shridevi. In that she played role of Shashi. Who is housewife, part time entrepreneur & loving wife & mother.

Her only flaw is Lack of English Speaking ability. But that leads her info many other problems

Like – Low self esteem
Lack of confidence
Relationship trouble with her teenage daughter
Few problems with her husband

All this starts with one thing –Lack of English.

It so happens that Shashi has to go to New york to attend a wedding. & There the problems multiply to a great extent.

Everywhere English is used so the can’t even buy food to eat. So on & on . . .

Then Eureka !!!

She joins one English speaking course & Then her life changes.
– Now she speaks in English.
– Now she is more Confident.
– Now she has more Self-esteem
– Now her relationship with her family members improves & all this happens because …… she speaks in English.

Nice movie.

Inspirational, Emotional.

She changed her life.

What about you?

Are you ready to change your life?

Good news is, you don’t have to go to New york.

Heck , you even don’t have to go out of your home or office.

Our Marathi 2 English speaking course helps you in speaking English in your home.

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Yes. I want to speak in English

Stop Suffering

I suffered a lot. When I was not able to speak in English. It’s painful. I know from my own experience.

If you read ‘2 Free Chapters’, then in that I’ve mentioned about all the problems & difficulties I faced.

But there is a way. All you have to do is follow simple 4 steps that I’ve created for English Speaking.

100s of people who purchased my course, are using it -very effectively. These 4 steps have stopped their sufferings, their problems & gave them a new hope.

I am not going to tell what these 4 steps are. These are reserved only for the purchasers of my course. If you wish to learn those & start speaking in English, then go to this page & order the course.

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Yes. I want to speak in English

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warning photo


You can’t blame me if it happens!

I’ve flashed the signal.

I’ve hung out the red light.

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  • The confidence to speak in any situation 
  • The confidence to speak with anybody 
  • The confidence to speak with one or hundred 
  • The confidence to speak with customers & bossess 
  • The confidence to speak in a group

Are you ready for it?

If NO, then you’ll be watching others going ahead of you in life.

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Yes. I want to speak in English