Test Your Grammar with Grammar Test Level 14

Grammar Test - Level 14

Accept, Except = Accept means to receive. Except as a verb means to exclude; as a preposition it means with the exception of. Insert the correct form in the following:

Test Your Grammar with Grammar Test level 13

Grammar Test - Level 13

May signifies permission; can denotes possibility.Might is the past tense of may, and could is the past of can. Chose the appropriate one.

Test Your Grammar with Grammar Test level 12

Grammar Test - level 12

Affect, Effect = A feet means to influence. It is always a verb. Effect is a verb means to bring to pass; as a noun it means result. Insert the correct form in the following sentences:

Test your Grammar with Grammar Test – Level 11

Grammar Test - Level 11

Lose, Loose = Lose is a verb, while loose is usually an adjective. The two should be carefully distinguished. Insert the correct form:

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