“Got the benifit of my investment”

“got the benifit of my investment”

” I feel I got the benifit of my investment. my aim is to speak English now I can speak English with any person mean I think I got back the worth of my investment.” “Mr. Rajesh Gurule is best as a teacher. His strong point is fluent in speaking, communicate happily, smiling with student you involve with each student deeply. You ask other things that are not related with our class. You must compulsion for some student for their good behavior is good as teacher. Other part is OKAY.”

Photo by Jonathan Rolande

Testimonial 03 – “What is your opinion about Rajesh Gurule?”

“What is your opinion about Rajesh Gurule?”

“You are very genius person. Due to you we are getting knowledge of English Speaking. General knowledge & current affair. You are the person who wants to share your knowledge & you behavior like friend with others. ‘KEEP IT UP’ “Rajesh Gurule is very Good person. He teaching student simple method and different student. Rajesh Gurule is very frank person and he help the student for in future.”


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