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Yes. I want to speak in English

“I think every student can easily understand, what you teach.”

“I think every student can easily understand, what you teach.”

  1. The method of my speak well English speaking class is very well. I think every student can easily understand, what you teach.
  2. I think all things are effective. You speak with every student kindly & lovely. Every day you tell the student to speak on any topic & also take the conversation & debates. The most important thing is your personality. I also want to make me like your personality. You have not pride of your knowledge.
  3. In my class there are many facilities like library, carrier guidance,etc
  4. You have to take competitions or exams after every2-3 week.
  5. In even batch there should be 8-10 student & they should be same level. If there is 8-10 students, every student get the chance to speak in English.
  6. Expansion :-

Yes, there should be batches in other area, but in our area there is no speaking class like other area. Now, in our class number of student is increasing & I think if this numbering increasing is being then you have to assistant to handle some batches & also have to take another shop.

“The practice part & syllabus part is very nice & effective”

“The practice part & syllabus part is very nice & effective”


  1. The class is very good. The relationship between the teacher & student is very nice. This class satisfied our need.
  2. Mr. Rajesh Gurule is not only good man but also good teacher. He teaching student is very nice & fabulous I think this is all due to his frankness. He never get bored if the student ask him some question even though they are not related to the study the guide student very nicely I would say it is good class as well as he is good advisor or after coming in this class I never feel that he is our teacher but we always see him as a friend so that whatever he teach us or told us that we understand very quickly. May god bless him!
  3. All the method which sir had took them all are very nice & more effective.
  4. There is no one method which is less effective.
  5. I think there should be more English conversation between the students.
  6. There are no such things which are not required at all.
  7. Strong point- the way he teaching to the student is very nice & one being thing is he never get angry to the student. He is very frank with his student so that the student can relax. He never hesitates to repeat the thing.
  8. The practice part & syllabus part is very nice & effective & I think there should not be any change in that matter.

“Now I can speak English with any person.”

“Now I can speak English with any person.”


  1. I feel I got the benefit of my investment my aim is to speak English now I can speak English with any person mean I think I got back the worth of my investment.
  2. A fee is sufficient but these should not any increase in fees in this batch because this is middle class area. For this class maximum student are either in collage or learn something .so it is difficult to them pay fee at time both place but they can offered the fee to class but it is difficult to them to give more fee than this fee. So I feel this fee is sufficient in this area. And if you want extend branches in other area then as per area you increase fees. Because with comparison with fees of other classes our fee is less so you can increase fee in other branches like in Nasik city, or college road, branches.
  3. Mr. Rajesh gurule is best as a teacher. His strong point is fluent in speaking, communicate happily, smiling with student you involve with each student deeply. You ask other things that are not related with our class. You must compulsion for some student for their good behavior is good as teacher. Other part is OKAY.
  4. No. of student in each batch should get chance to speak in 2 hours. By increasing no. of student there is rush and it is difficult to give attention to every student. so 10112 student are sufficient in batch if the student are of same level then you can increase boys in batches but they should of same levels.
  5. If possible for you extend the branches like middle class area like Cidco or in main city near to colleges and some teaching part you appoint assistant. But that assistant should be likely you in maximum aspects.
  6. Duration is OKAY it is sufficient.

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“What is your opinion about the practice part & the syllabus part?”

“What is your opinion about the practice part & the syllabus part?”

Actually practice part is sufficient in this class after all it depends upon every student.

But about syllabus I want to tell you one thing. If you divided the course in Two or three division like symbosise. Because some students in this class having less knowledge of English. You should admit them in 1stdivision & take only for improving vocabulary & Topic, debates, discussion & conversation & which tenses students are very good in English & only wants to improve English Speaking. You should admit them in second division & you like only vocabulary methods, lopics, debales, discussion, conversation. Its may be very effective. Because if you divide your course in two division (& fees also) your members may increase. Because in satpur area people cant afford more fees for this class as they are narrow minded. SO you think on this points.

Keep It Rajesh You Are Very Excellent Job

Rajesh Gurule is very Good person. He teaching student simple method and different student. Rajesh Gurule is very frank person and he help the student for in future.

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